You confuse people, and that’s not a bad thing.

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After I tie up some loose ends today, I’ll be heading out to a Southern Blogger Retreat. I’ll be speaking on how to deal with online negativity and attacks by what we refer to as “trolls”.

The term “troll” is one we use to call a person who seeks to case derision, upset, chaos, and general problems across the board. Did you know there are people who actively seek to do this? Crazy to think about, isn’t it? If you are reading this thinking “But why?” then I have good news – you are not one of them! I often have bloggers come to me when this happens to them and ask why the troll did it, expressing that they just don’t understand what would motivate someone to behave that way and I always tell them “You can’t understand that, because you are not like that and this is something you wouldn’t do.”

But you know what? The flipside is also true. When you are a good hearted person who seeks to help others, when you love and put your family first, when you do any number of things that you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do, people who don’t live their lives the way you do look at you and say “Why? Why would they do that?”.

Why would you work so hard for so little when there are other ways to “get” money? Why would you sacrifice something you’d like to have now just because you are saving for something twenty years down the road? Why would you give up your hard earned vacation to take your kid to a competition they want to participate in even though it’s not something you enjoy? Why would you put the happiness of others before yourself and how could that possibly bring joy to you? The questions are endless.

There are so many things that you do in your life which seem commonsense to you but baffle the mess out of many people watching.

Keep doing them.

If they don’t understand, let them watch in stunned confusion. Let them see the end results. Let them see the joy, contentment, fulfillment.

Let them see that there is a greater and deeper meaning to life than just living on the surface of things.

Let them see ancient wisdom working in ways that human reasoning cannot explain.

We are often confused by some people and the world around us.

Live in such a way that they are just as confused by us.

And if anyone asks you “Why?”, tell them.
John 8:12


  1. Yes, if you don’t understand those kind of people that is a good thing – that means you are not that kind of person. I’m glad my mind wouldn’t even think to go there. But I do need the reminder that they are watching ME, and I need to show them “how the other half lives”. Sadly, a lot of “those” people just see us through their own filter and never “get” it – they will be the ones to miss out. When we shine our light for others, though, there will be many who are drawn into it.
    (I hope that made sense! It does in my own head anyway!)

  2. I sometimes have to stop myself when I’m frustrated and my impulse is to say something snappish or unkind. But trolling seems to me a particularly vicious and nasty thing because it’s not impulsive or instantaneous in the same way as snapping at someone. You have to sit and think about what you’re typing, proof read (hopefully) and then choose to hit the “post” button. It is hurtful on purpose, which makes it worse. I am grateful for your take on it, that it’s not something we can understand because we don’t have that kind of cruelty in us. Or even if we do occasionally, we choose not to act it out. Thanks.

  3. Christy: I have often wondered about this too. I have seen trolls in every kind of setting-Amazon reviews, sports articles, news articles, even obituaries! It’s obvious these people are not only mean, but spiteful and jealous, and some of the comments, especially on the sports pages, are very unseemly. Why spend all this time and energy on evil and negativity, and bringing other people down? The Seven Deadly Sins are certainly alive and thriving, as are Beelzebub and his minions.

    These are not all young people, either. Many older people have admitted to being trolls-people who should certainly be old enough to know better. Jealousy and hate don’t have an age limit. I guess they feel that they are anonymous, and that there are no consequences online and they try to take everything out on the rest of us and bring us down to their level. There certainly are consequences, they are trying to damage other people’s souls-a huge sin, and even though they may fail at that, they are certainly damaging their own souls and God is watching and keeping track, and they will find that someday they will have to account for their trolling ways.

    Whenever possible, I report these comments as abuse. I’ll never know if they get “busted” in some way by the relevant website, but if more of us did this, it might help stem the tide-even if just a bit. All websites have posting guidelines and nobody polices the site but the users, so it’s up to us to report these trolls.

    I guess we just have to hope and pray that these people begin to see the benefits of living the way that you suggest and come to the light.

  4. Christy,

    Thank you for these wonderful words of wisdom and the reminder….just do what the Holy Spirit leads you to do or say no matter what:)

    Blessings! Keep up the wonderful work you do!

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