Orange Juice Special


My family loves smoothies. Our reigning favorite is still the Bananarita Breakfast Smoothie, but this one holds a close second. The hubster says it tastes like one of the old Orange Julius but  I think it tastes more like a Dreamsicle to me. Concentrated orange juice is the secret to that burst of flavor while the milk and vanilla make it nice and creamy. Although Ricky and I disagreed on what it ... Continue Reading

Geocaching Family Adventure Day! *Giveaway*

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Family Adventure Days began when my husband and I realized that while we were all together at home on the weekends, we weren't actually tuning into each other as a family. With the temptations of video games, tv, and the internet at home, we decided to set aside one day each weekend that we are able to leave the house and get out and have some fun together as a family. This began last September ... Continue Reading

Jeanne Robertson’s 7-Up Pound Cake

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I had this great psychology professor my first quarter of community college who used to talk about how his grandmother had worried about him going to college. "Don't you get to being one of those educated fools now" she'd say, her only experience with educated folks being that of them looking down on her or seeing them without any common sense at all. It is a theory held by some folks that you ... Continue Reading

FREE Southern Plate Signed Book Plates!


Mama and I have a wonderful experience planned for today. As soon as I drop the kidders off at school we're heading to Birmingham to tour Southern Living and take part in a taste testing in their test kitchens! We're so excited and I plan on bringing you a full blog post behind the scenes there in a few weeks, so you're coming with us in spirit! This is a video that Harper Collins produced for ... Continue Reading

Bill Gent’s Doggie Biscuits


Bill Gent, one of our beloved Southern Plate family members and someone whom I have personally adopted as my long lost brother, offered to do a post on how to make homemade doggie biscuits. I love and adore Bill and I know y'all do, too, so I lovingly told him to get on it and get it to me STAT! (Can someone tell me what STAT stands for? I have no idea.) So here is Brother Bill with his post. We ... Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice – and YOUR Cheering Section!


"Mama, can I go sing in the sun room?" "Of course you can, Katy Rose" I answered her from where I was standing at the sink, not taking the time to glance over. "Well, can you open the door for me?" "Can't you open the sun room door by yourself?" "Mama, I'm trying to carry my audience!" I looked over to find her sporting a very serious face while struggling to hold a baby doll, ... Continue Reading

Heritage Hints From Mama – Days Before Air Conditioning


Today my mother, Janice Davis, shares her memories of the summer days before air conditioning! I sure enjoyed reading this and hope you will, too. Gratefully, Christy Do you remember the days before air conditioning?  We got  our first air conditioner when I was five years old and we moved into our new home.  I remember the noise that it made.  Until we got used to it, the sound was ... Continue Reading

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie

It didn't matter if my Grandaddy had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, he had no intention of dying from it... Todays tangent hasn't got a whole lot to do with peanut butter pie except that in the end of my tangent, there is something awfully good to be learned - and in the end of making this peanut butter pie there is something awfully good to eat, so both end very well. My ... Continue Reading

Christy’s Q&A With You


I had a lot of fun this past weekend when I got a wild hair and decided to see if any of our Facebook Family members had questions they'd like me to answer. I then did a series of live videos answering them and posted them all on Facebook. Y'all were so sweet in your responses so I thought I'd post them here as well, in case anyone else was curious! This ended up being a LOT of fun for me! ... Continue Reading

Liven Up Those Lunchboxes!


Both of my kids started school this week and it has been a very strange few days for me. For the first time in eleven years, my voice echoes off the walls during the day. I find myself sitting down to work and waiting for someone to need something before I get started. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually but for now the silence, and ability to actually get things done from start to finish ... Continue Reading