DIY Appreciation Gifts for School, Work, or Friends

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My kids start school on Monday. ~takes a deep breath~ and while it will be a big day for them (and me!) it is also a big day for their teacher’s as well. Did you realize that when our kids are in school, their teachers spend more time with them during their waking hours than we do? I know we all appreciate the love and dedication they put into their jobs. I really like to bake things, but with a lot of schools no longer allowing that, I thought I’d bring you a few inexpensive thank you gifts just to show your appreciation.

These gifts are great year round, for a holiday, teacher appreciation week, first day of school, or my favorite : the no-special-reason gift. They are also great for coworkers, friends, or just anytime someone you know could use a little perking up.

Lets start with the easiest, and the only printable I’m offering that is teacher specific:

This is an updated spin on the apple (but apples are still great!). I think this one is my new favorite and of course, the least expensive. While you’re out shopping for school supplies, pick up a box of breakfast bars and print out this sheet to be ready with thoughtful little gifts to make that first day a little easier for your child’s teacher. This wrapper fits perfectly on a breakfast, granola, or snack bar. Just print the label, trim the ends a bit, and tape around your bar. See the end of this post to print these wrapper labels.

Jar Gifts

In this post I’m doing two different things with pint jars but you are limited only by your own imagination! I also have two labels to print that will work with a multitude of jar fillings and are great to use for any recipient.

Survival Kit

I asked the teachers on the Southern Plate Facebook page what they’d like to have for a welcome back gift and many of them said things like breakfast bars, drink mixes, etc, because they get so busy with the kids that they forget or simply don’t have time to eat. This is an all in one survival kit that you can easily customize.

My jar includes a granola type bar, breakfast bar, two drink mixes for bottled water, and a few peppermints. I’ve got two sets of labels to choose from below, if you’d like to print the ones I am using.

Who doesn’t need chocolate?

This is another cute little idea. Fill a jar with chocolates and attach one of the labels  below to the inside of the lid. You can use any type of chocolate you like, or even their favorite candy. This is also a great “Thinking of you” gift for co-workers, moms, anyone you can think of!

For the fabric, I just traced a saucer onto some fabric and then cut out the circle.

Print my labels by clicking below. Place the jar ring around the label and trace a circle as a cutting guide.

Click here for “Sanity Preserves” Labels

Click here for “In Case Of Emergency” Labels

Click here for Teacher Bar Wrapper Labels

No matter what you decide to do or who you decide to give a “thinking of you” gift to, give it with a warm heart and it will be well received!

“What we do for ourselves dies with us.

What we do for others and the world remains.”

~Albert Pine. Submit your quote here.

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  1. I was lucky enough to come across an Apple shaped coffee / cocoa mug at the beginning of the school year, so I filled it with a bagful of caramels. She loved it! When recently a little note came home with the childs class requesting tissues and hand sanitizer, there was (in 1st graders’ printing) “car a mells , pleeze”. I laughed, but sent them along with my grandson.

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