Pulled Pork Sliders for GameDay!


I'm glad I got y'all to keep me up to date on important dates and such because if it wasn't for you, I'd miss half of the big food events in any given year. Today's example is Vicky, who informed me that there was a big football game this weekend when she asked me what I was making for it. I made a few phone calls and lo and behold, found out that it's the Super Bowl! Now don't get me wrong, I ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Digest 1-28-11


Don't forget to enter to win one of 5 prizes valued at over $100 each! Click here and leave a comment to enter- Winner chosen Sunday! There's been lots going on on SouthernPlate.com in the last two weeks so I thought I'd bring you a digest of what I've been cooking up as well as some of the dishes you've been making and reporting on! Lets start with what you're cooking! I had over sixty ... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Beef Stroganoff and Where I’m From


I'm giving away over $500 in toys this Sunday! To enter, click here and leave a comment! Have you ever heard of Antoine Dodson? He is our latest hometown hero from Huntsville, Alabama and I gotta tell ya, I love that man. If you don’t know who I am talking about a quick google search will enlighten you plenty. There was a big news story a while back about him rescuing his sister from an ... Continue Reading

Huntsville Family Adventure Day


Family Adventure Days began when my husband and I realized that while we were all together at home on the weekends, we weren’t actually tuning into each other as a family. With the temptations of video games, tv, and the internet at home, we decided to set aside one day each weekend that we are able to leave the house and get out and have some inexpensive fun together as a family. This began in ... Continue Reading

100th Day of School Shirts (without complicating things!)


I love schools that celebrate the 100th day of school. We didn't do this when I was a child but my kids have always gone to schools that did and we have a blast with it. As usual, my daughter's kindergarten class has sent out assignments for each child to bring 100 of one thing. This year it is snack items. Katy Rose was asked to bring 100 cheese crackers and 100 raisins. I think her teacher is ... Continue Reading

Marketing Your Blog – Quick Notes

Come Home to Supper300

Marketing Your Blog by Christy Jordan Quick notes at a glance Food Blog South 2011 Note: I spoke for about an hour and held a question and answer session to address specific needs of the audience. These are my basic notes of things I went over which I feel hold the most importance in building a marketable blog and setting it up to be successfully marketed. These are my quick notes. I hope you ... Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Fudge Iced Brownies

final peanut butter brownies

I've lost count of how many of you have tried this icing since I first brought it to Southern Plate back in 2008 on Red's birthday cake. Our family tradition has us putting it over a yellow cake but the combination of chocolate brownies paired with this old fashioned boiled icing is a whole new level of old fashioned decadence - so much so that I'm devoting a whole new post to it! We're ... Continue Reading

Better for Your Diet Southern Recipe Collection


Mention Southern food and whats the first thing that comes to mind? Fried Chicken, lard, deep fried everything. We have a reputation for eating what many consider the most unhealthy food out there but I think that is mostly due to tourists stopping over and getting "authentic" Southern cuisine served at roadside diners. Now don't get me wrong, that stuff is delicious but folks who think we live ... Continue Reading

The Night I’ll Never Forget


There are so many things in my life that I just know, as they happen, I'll never forget them. I especially love those pinch myself moments where I think "Wow, how did *I* end up here?". Last night was one of those for me. Now, keep in mind that I still haven't digested that I have a book. That I got to tell my stories and share some of the recipes from my family and a publisher put it all together ... Continue Reading

Pufky’s Picnic Chicken – from Susan Spencer

Pufky 122504-1

Everyone so enjoyed hearing Susan's story about her mother, lovingly known as Pufky, that I wanted to bring you another one of her special recipes. Susan said: Mom was an amazing cook and baker.  There were five of us kids at home, so with seven people around the dinner table every night, and grandparents every Sunday, she had plenty of people to practice on!  One favorite family ... Continue Reading