Fritters, Flautas, & Snack Cake, OH MY! 5 Must Make Apple Recipes

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Each year on SouthernPlate I have a special week dedicated to apple recipes. This is our grand kickoff of the fall baking season and I always enjoy baking up special goodies as well as seeing what y’all are baking up, too!

I’ll be sharing apple recipes with you every day on, Pinterest, and Facebook, so make sure you tune in and fire up those ovens!

Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters

My husband swears this recipe could bring about world peace if I served ’em hot and kept the apple butter coming.

Apple Scoop Pie

Apple Scoop Pie 

All the best flavors of fall cook up beautifully in this wonderful crustless pie.


Apple Flautas

I love to make a few of these as late night treats for us. Perfect ending to a fabulous fall day!

Apple Orchard Snack Cake

Apple Orchard Snack Cake

 This is a cake I make each year as soon as we get home from our visit to the orchard! I COULD LIVE ON THIS CAKE! It is so good! Just a hint of sweetness, graham goodness, and juicy apples. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do!


Fried Apples

Nothing beats good old fashioned fried apples cooked up with a skillet. Serve ’em as a side or a dessert, or both!

Hungry for more Apple Recipes? There are three more days left in Apple Week and I’ll be sharing more each day!

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  1. You might tell your sweet husband to take nothing for granted. My husband is ready to trade me in the moment you are free – for your biscuits alone – he said everything else is gravy (and he likes that too) Since he is 70 I think you are safe, but he is a beloved fan and worships at the alter of your biscuits… Now I will ply him with some of your apple goodies! lol At this age a little torment is good for the soul. Enjoy everything you do!!!!

  2. These all sound delicious! Thanks for the recipes and I would probably agree with your husband about the apple fritters bringing world peace, lol!

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