Bill Gent, Me, & a HeeHaw Standard

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Dallas traffic kept us from having time to do this earlier in the day but we found time to sing it at gas station just before we had to part ways!


  1. I love this! My sisters and I used to get frozen pizza and watch Hee Haw on Saturdays when Mom and Daddy would go out on dates. It was the highlight of our week!

    Y’all should take the act on the road!

    Denise in Dallas

  2. It has been so much fun seeing this great reunion between this long lost brother & sister duo. Love you two!!!

  3. Now that was hilarious!! Makes you wonder what the people at the gas station were thinking about that impromtu seranade! LOL

  4. Ha ha! “Nooo, you ain’t spittin’ on me!” Ha! I thought Bill would spit on you anyway at the end! Turns out he’s too much of a gentleman. 🙂 You two are adorable!

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