Bill Gent, Me, & a HeeHaw Standard

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Dallas traffic kept us from having time to do this earlier in the day but we found time to sing it at gas station just before we had to part ways!


  1. A little boy is waiting patiently for you to get home to read another story. He knows you are in a “meeting” for a few days.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a fun day. Even getting into horrible traffic in the middle of Downtown Dallas was pretty awesome. Lots of memories made. My Dog just heard me playing this and came busting into the bedroom. She looked at me like “U ok Dad? You sound lik u iz hurt!”

    1. Thank you Bill for singing with Christy! This is gonna be the entertainment at my Southern Plate Supper tonite! Gonna play it over and over…and over…and, well, you get the idea! ~snickers~ BTW…LOVE Baby’s reaction to hearing the duet! Maybe she was worried about Christy, too! ~tee-hee~

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