Candied Apples, Apple Dapple, and More!

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Apple Week Day 3

I’ve enjoyed sharing Apple Recipes with you so far this week and am happy to bring you five more today!  

Old Fashioned Candied Apples

Old Fashioned Candied Apples

These are the quintessential candied apple with that delicious hard shell we grew up with. Nothing store bought comes close and you won’t believe how easy they are to make. Yes, YOU can do it!

Can’t eat these without a visit to the dentist? There is a recipe at the bottom of this post for those of us in this category! 

Apple Dessert Pizza

Apple Doozie!

One bite of this apple dessert pizza will have you hooked – and it may even replace your traditional apple pie!

Apple Dapple Cake

Apple Dapple Cake

 This apple cake is filled with deliciousness on it’s own, but when you pour the brown sugar sauce over it…oh mercy!
This is on my list of “Things you must try before you die.”

Good 'N Easy Apple Cake

Good ‘N Easy Apple Cake

 This post also includes a story about my first encounter with an exotic Pennsylvanian at the age of 8:)
This cake is absolutely to die for and I know y’all may get tired of me sharing easy recipes with you but I can’t help it, here is another one!

Candied Apples That You Eat With A Fork!

Candied Apples That You Eat With A Fork! 

For those of us no longer able to eat traditional candied apples ~raises hand~ here is how we can get that exact same flavor without having to visit the dentist after! 

Click either of the photos below to visit my other Apple Recipe Posts from Monday and Tuesday!

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  1. Over the weekend I shared your website with my best friend, Linda Taylor who just moved to Georgia. She fell in love with your apple recipes, Apple Dapple Cake and Good N Easy Apple Cake. She celebrated her birthday last week and I want to order and send her one of your cookbooks for her present.. Which one is the the apple cakes recipes in it ? Also, can I have you sign it? She loves to cook and would treasure it. Linda especially enjoyed reading your lifesavers too!
    This week I am baking your Good N Easy Apple Cake for my Small Group at Church of the Highlands, I can’t wait to see their faces when they eat it the first time. Yum O. which my grandchildren like to say.
    You are a blessing to all of us!
    PS My youngest daughter graduated UNA too and enjoys your blogs too.’

  2. I want to say thank you. I made two of your Apple Dapple cakes as gifts for two of my friends one being my future in-laws and they were wonderful. Thank you for making me appear as a good cook:) Your site brings me so much happiness I read your posts everyday and everyday I get something good out of them. I love to read the comments from the other readers also it really does feel like family here.

  3. Good Day to you Christy. I’m trying to figure out something here….I have not received any emails from Southern Plate in several weeks now, and I ‘m just wondering if you are off the grid for some reason and occupied with other things (hope all is OK!), or if for some reason I ended up off your mailing list? I checked Southern Plate this morning, and found the Apple Dapple post dated 9/17, but it never showed up in my inbox, and I am wondering why. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff, so this forum is the only way I get to read your posts. Been missing my Southern Plate. I went back in and re-signed up for Southern Plate, but I’m curious if this has happened to any of your other readers?

    1. Hey!! I just went and looked up your email in my database and saw you had subscribed again this morning, yay! thank you for doing that. Unfortunately, this does happen a lot. Whenever an email program goes down (or if your web service goes down when I send an email) and it kicks back my email, the account is put on a list. If that happens three times, the account is automatically unsubscribed because my email server assumes the address is no longer valid. Another thing that happens (and the most common) is that my emails will start going into spam folders which essentially makes it as if you’ve never received an email. Once an address goes 3 months without opening an email, the address is automatically removed from the list (because the server assumes the email address is no longer valid again). Either one of these two things could have happened to you but I am so very glad you are back now! I have been sending out 3-4 emails a week and that is pretty much how I always do it. However, you can still see all of the emails you missed if you would like! I have an online archive of them here .
      Thanks so much for asking me Sharon and I hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for your quick reply, Christy. You are absolutely right; I checked my spam box and, as it turns out, after I re-subscribed today, the response from Southern Plate went right into our spam box. I admit I am technologically illiterate…( OK, technologically pathetic!), but I will have my hubby check out our system and stop our computer from spamming you. Now I feel like I owe ya an apology on behalf of my rude computer, lol! Seriously, I probably would have written to ask you about this sooner, but our kids up here in southern NJ just went back to school the week after Labor Day, so I’ve been rather occupied with getting back in the swing of the new school year. In any case, thanks for the link…. I will definitely pour through those archives to see what I’ve been missing. In the meantime, I have had your cookbooks to help me ace the dinner hour. Thanks again!

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