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Hey Y’all,

I am so excited to bring you this ebook.  Since it’s a PDF the only thing you need to read it is a pdf reader like Acrobat reader.  If you have one already then scroll on down to the info about the Ebook features and a little further to find the link.

PDF Reader: This is a no cost download that can be found right here.  Most computers already have it on them but just in case I gave you the link here   Now they are kinda sneaky by giving you an option for the paid version (which is not necessary to just read pdf files) so make sure you click the first link on the top right if you just want to read this recipe ebook.

FEATURES in the Ebooks From Southern Plate

  • Live Links to Southern Plate web pages:  so if you would like the printable recipe you don’t have to go searching on just click on the title of each recipe and it will take you to the page on the Southern Plate website where you can review all the instructions or print the recipe for our recipe binder.  See below for our Recipe Binders.
  • Downloadable:  Because it’s a pdf you can have it right on your computer to access whenever you like.
  • Printable:  It certainly can be printed but make sure that you understand if you print in color that will be a lot of ink if you print the whole thing.  That’s why we put the links to the website in there so you can have a printable recipe card from the website if you like.

I hope you enjoy this ebook and look forward to your feedback at

Gratefully yours, 

Stacey Lynn

Cookie Recipe EBook – Southern Plate  

Click the link above to get you a copy of our 10 delicious and fun cookie recipes.  These are great for presents during the holiday or for snacking at home anytime.  

Since this is a pdf file you will need a pdf reader. If you don’t have one, please scroll up and you will see a link to download your Pdf reader.  


Stacey Lynn

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  1. Thank you so much! These look wonderful! I am especially excited about the fruitcake bar cookies. The recipes I have used in the past (from other sites) have been too “cakey”. These look perfect. My local grocery store should be getting fruit cake mixes any day now. Not so eagerly waiting! Thank you again and blessings to you and yours!

  2. Thanks for another ebook full of recipes to try. I will have to try these and share.
    Always looking for a different recipe to choose for cookie exchange which is coming soon.

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