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This is a page where I list my favorite new finds on Amazon.com. Please note that all links include my affiliate information and any purchases made by using those links will help fund my coffee habit – My coffee cup thanks you in advance. 🙂

mason jars

These are new Ball Heritage Jars, a limited edition in honor of their anniversary this year. I took this photo on my back deck, aren’t they beautiful? They are extremely difficult to find in stores so I ordered mine online. Here is a link if you’d like to order some! http://amzn.to/16ilTzG

pyrex-unauthorized-collectors-guide-barbara-e-mauzy-paperback-cover-artFor the Pyrex lovers in your life, this is one of my favorite books! It lists all of the pattern names, pieces made for each pattern, and more. Click here to visit this book on Amazon.com.

moda towels

Moda Vintage Look Kitchen Towels – I love these cheerful towels and they have been a back drop to many Southern Plate recipe photographs!  Click here to visit these towels on Amazon.com. 


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  1. I found the Ball Heritage jars at my local Kroger! Love them! I still have some of my grandmother’s canning jars from the 1940 era. They are used as candy jars, rice and dried beans and are on display in my kitchen.

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