9 Delicious Recipes For Pecans

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If you love pecans or it’s the holidays and you want some creative, delicious recipes for pecans, you have come to the right place.  We have plenty of pecan dessert recipes to choose from, including pies, cookies, a cheesecake, muffins, and even a mock pecan pie (check this out for your friends and family who can’t have pecans).  

Maple pecan pie hero image (pecan dessert recipes featured image).

Pecans are one of those flavors that instantly remind me of fall, like apple pie or pumpkin pie. I’m a big fan of celebrating the holidays with a pecan pie, as there’s nothing quite like a slice of gooey and decadent pie served with whipped cream or a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

While pecan pie might be the star of the show and the first thing that comes to mind when you think about pecan dessert recipes, this post highlights several other delicious sweet pecan treats. So keep scrolling to discover some new favorite recipes for pecans, like pecan pie cake and pecan cheesecake (it tastes as good as it sounds).

9 of the Best Recipes for Pecans

Pecan pie

Perfect Pecan Pie Recipe

This perfect pecan pie recipe is so simple but delicious. All you need is a few basic ingredients, like eggs, sugar, corn syrup, and butter. Add pecan halves and an unbaked pie crust and you have the perfect pecan pie! Serve with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Slice of faux pecan pie (no nuts)

Faux Pecan Pie (NO Nuts)

Yes, if you’ve been searching for a pecan-less pecan pie recipe, you need to try this faux pecan pie. Trust me, it tastes exactly like a pecan pie but there are no nuts. Instead, we use a secret ingredient: pretzels, which imitate the crunchy pecans! It needs to be tasted to be believed.

Butter melting over cut pecan pie muffin.

Pecan Pie Muffins

What’s better than a pecan pie? Pecan pie filling in muffin form, obviously! This is a great treat to enjoy on your morning coffee break. Just make sure you warm them up and serve with melted butter.

pecan pie cake

Pecan Pie Cake

This is one of my favorite recipes for pecans. It’s similar to a dump cake, in that it includes a cake layer that’s topped with a pecan pie layer. The pecan topping includes chopped pecans and that irresistible caramelized brown sugar and corn syrup flavor we all know and love. The result is a cake that’s decadent, rich, and deliciously moist.

Slice of pecan cheesecake.

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

This pecan pie cheesecake combines a cream cheese filling with a real pecan pie topping, to make a cake that’s flavorful and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

maple pecan pie

Maple Pecan Pie

This maple pecan pie takes a traditional pecan pie but makes the soft caramel filling maple-flavored with the sweet addition of maple syrup. Add in butter, honey, brown sugar, and pecan pieces, and you have one of the most delicious pecan dessert recipes ever! 

Scoop of ice cream on top of pie slice (recipes for pecans).

Chocolate Pecan Pie

This chocolate pecan pie is destined to melt in your mouth, as it features a decadent, deliciously rich, and fudgy filling overflowing with chocolate chips and pecans. It takes just 15 minutes to prep this pie and it can be made in advance, which is why it’s one of my favorite pecan recipes to make during the holidays. I highly recommend serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

candied pecans (recipes for pecans that make a great holiday gift).

Candied Pecans

Also called sugar and spice pecans, sugared pecans, and cinnamon pecans. But it doesn’t matter what you call them. All that matters is this candied pecans recipe is quick, easy, and a favorite amongst my family and friends. You can also use this pecan recipe to make any kind of candied nut you desire. Candied pecans make the perfect holiday gift.

pecan thumbprint cookies (recipes for pecans).

Pecan Thumbprint Cookies

These pecan thumbprint cookies are made using a simple sugar cookie recipe, which is taken to the next level flavor-wise thanks to the addition of pecans. Add a festive touch with red and green icing and sprinkles.

If you are looking for more recipes with pecans please use our search box that says “Help You Find Something”.

Let us know which recipes you make in the comments. Have fun with these recipes for pecans y’all!

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