Hot Buttered Sweet Rice

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Who all has had a bowl of Hot Buttered Sweet Rice handed to them by their loving mama or grandmama?

When my Mama was a little girl, she’d come in from school to find her Granny waiting to hear all about her day.
Knowing that kids were hungry after a long day at school, she’d smile when Mama walked in and sit her down at the table…


And put a bowl in front of her.


Then she’d take some rice from the supper she was preparing and scoop some hot right into that bowl…


And add a pat of butter.


And a sprinkling of sugar.

hot buttered rice southernplate

And give it a good stir.

And Mama would eat that entire bowl of warm, sweet, buttery rice.

Sometimes, the very next day before school, Mama would wake up to find her Granny heating up leftover rice to repeat this for a warm and soothing breakfast before she headed off to school.

It sure was good.

Did you eat this when you were little?

Was there some other comfort food that you remember along these lines? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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  1. My mom made hot sweet buttered rice & rice pudding too but my favorite to this day is milk toast. She only made it when I was sick for some reason but I love it any old time. She’d make crisp toast & butter it. Then she’d cut it into little squares. She’d heat milk to scalding & pour over the toast & add sugar. It was so good.

  2. Your few words of dealing with depression spoke volumes about your ‘polyana’ ways. You are so real you squeak!

  3. Use to have this at my Granny’s house too!! My dad thought it was crazy and that you should always eat gravy on rice. He thought it was because my Granny was a Yankee (Ohio) LOL that she put sugar on rice! Who ever heard of such?? LOL LOVED it and haven’t had in forever. My daughter will eat anything sweet so I must introduce her to this soon. Glad you reminded me. It’s been many, many years.

  4. Yes! My mom fixed rice like this for me when I was little. And potato pancakes with leftover mashed potatoes. i temember tomato sandwiches, too!

  5. This is the only way that my Mother would eat rice. The rest of the family had the “sawmeal” gravy on theirs, but she never acquired the taste for it. I occasionally would eat some “dessert” rice with her. Still reminds me of her.

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