How To Shred Meat: Hands Free Tutorial Here

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Hey Y’all, one common question I receive from my subscribers is ‘can you show me how to shred meat for dishes like pulled pork or chicken?’

Well here’s your answer.

 And I am happy for you to share this how to shred meat video with anyone you think would benefit from it.  You can embed the link to this video  onto your facebook page by copying and pasting this link:

I’m excited to bring you a video today, showing you a great tip that will save lots of time and work in the kitchen! Hint: You’re gonna want one of these! 

Another question people ask me is …

Is shredded meat different than pulled meat? 

And the answer is no.  Shredded meat and pulled meat are truly the same, just different words to described what you are doing.  So that’s why this tutorial on shredding meat can be used for any of your pulled meat recipes.

Below are just a few recipes that use shredded or pulled meat to inspire you!

Hands Free Way to Shred Meat!

Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ

Hands Free Way to Shred Meat!

Chicken Patties

Hands Free Way to Shred Meat!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Hands Free Way to Shred Meat!

 Old Fashioned Chicken Stew

Hands Free Way to Shred Meat!

One slow cooker recipe, two different meals

These are the beef burritos I talked about in the video and a saucy beef barbecue sandwich


“Those with a grateful mindset tend to see the message in the mess.

And even though life may knock them down, the grateful find reasons,

if even small ones, to get up.”

– Steve Maroboli

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  2. your video is very much appreciated and will be remembered as I don’t have teeth at the back I and in the habit of chewing my food until IT’S bits My ”QUESTION”is where can this type of tool or similar tool be available in SOUTH AFRICA or any suggestions PLEASE.[ THE FIRST THINK I WILL MAKE IS TOASTED STEAKS ] Thanking You Kindly.Goolam

  3. Look At God!!!!!
    I am smiling from ear to ear!!! Never in a million years have I ever thought to do this!!! You have made my life easier!!! Thank You So Much!!! Can’t wait to try this real soon!!!

  4. I have a satellite dish for internet access and am charged by the amount of “usage”. Since videos eat up bandwidth I don’t watch them but I think I got the idea through the comments — can’t wait to try shredding meat with my mixer. Thank you!

  5. Christie,
    I must say I tried this shredding technique this weekend with Pork Carnitas
    after they were cooked in crock pot. OMG!!! I will never spend time shredding
    with a fork again! We live in South Texas and love our shredded meat in tacos,
    burritos, soup and fold-overs. Thanks for a fabulous tip. Can’t wait to try it on
    chicken! love your site!

  6. Ever since I read this article, I shred my pork roast with my stand mixer. Usually I do not have an audience. Today, I shredded the pork and heard comments such as “Oh wow!”, “Look at that”. etc. You have made me a genius. I did tell the folks where I got the idea tho. . It is soooo easy. Thanks.

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