I was…and you

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I Was...And You

“I was hungry…and you fed me. I was thirsty…and you gave me drink. “

~Matthew 25:35

Written so long ago, those verses seem to go back and forth quite personally as Jesus talks about himself and then so bluntly points at us. “I was…and you. “

He’s putting the ball in our court or rather, pointing out by such effective use of past tense that the ball has been there all along.

Think about it. Everyone we encounter today is an “I was” and to each of them, we are an “and you”. 

The stranger on the street: I was alone in the world…and you smiled at me.

The angry person at work: I was irritated and having a bad day…and you showed me grace by overlooking my attitude.

The friend: I was worried and you offered assurance.

The teen where you buy lunch: I was working my first job at a fast food restaurant, and you sought out the manager to compliment me.

Whether we want to or not, and whether we realize it or not, we are all the “And you”.

By realizing it though, you’d be amazed at how many “I was” lives you can turn around.

“I felt like I was alone in the world…and your kind smile as you passed by reminded me that I wasn’t”

I was…

And you…

You’re going to change the world today whether you realize it or not, but by accepting that fact in a conscious manner, you can determine what kind of change you make.

And you…

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I was...and you


  1. This is such an easy , simple way to live. When we focus on others and not ourselves, our problems, pains, etc are minimalized. Christy, I know you live this kind of life. I still have hopes of meeting you in person here on this earth one day but if I dont, we will meet in Heaven. God bless you for the love you spread around. Have a great day!

  2. So many times we want to turn away and pretend not to see what is right in front of us. I think of it as a test for any Christian to respond…even if it’s only a simple smile or a “hello” from the heart. If ‘I was’ in their shoes ‘and they’ ignored me, it would hurt. Dear Lord, please let me not forget my ‘and you’ response if I’m capable of making a difference in one way or another to ANYONE in need. Dear Christy, thanks for this Lifesaver reminder of going that extra step and being a sister to all my earthly brothers & sisters…for we are all a child of God.
    Hugs & blessings,
    PS. Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful slow cooker! ‘I was’ in a low spot from too much responsibility and stress ‘and you’ reminded me better days would come and had much to be thankful for. Somebody once said, “The night does not last forever.” You were my “lifter upper” that day! 🙂

  3. I had just prayed this morning in my alone time with God,that HE can still use me in my latter years (74).Your lifesaver just reminded me that HE still does.I forget sometimes that the “little” things are very important too. Things like a simple smile,a friendly hello and how are you today,may just make a difference in some down and out person’s day.
    Thanks for sharing I love it and of course all your recipes.
    Your older sister in Christ,

  4. You are a very special young woman! So precious! I always enjoy and am blessed by the ‘writings’ you share!
    Be abundantly blessed, Christy!
    (I just KNOW you make Father God smile, that He is well-pleased with you, and you bring Him much joy!) <3

  5. Amen, Sissta!!! Do you see the smile you put on my face?? 10,000 watt smile, at least! Thank you for the continued blessing you are to all of us…you truly have no idea how many lives you touch each day. You know how many subscribers, but don’t forget the ripples!!!

  6. Chrisy, I thoroughly enjoy your Lifesavers. They are so inspirational and encouraging to me as a Christian and I am sure to others. Keep up the great work. You do so much to uplift me in my daily walk. Thank you very much.

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