I was…and you

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I Was...And You

“I was hungry…and you fed me. I was thirsty…and you gave me drink. “

~Matthew 25:35

Written so long ago, those verses seem to go back and forth quite personally as Jesus talks about himself and then so bluntly points at us. “I was…and you. “

He’s putting the ball in our court or rather, pointing out by such effective use of past tense that the ball has been there all along.

Think about it. Everyone we encounter today is an “I was” and to each of them, we are an “and you”. 

The stranger on the street: I was alone in the world…and you smiled at me.

The angry person at work: I was irritated and having a bad day…and you showed me grace by overlooking my attitude.

The friend: I was worried and you offered assurance.

The teen where you buy lunch: I was working my first job at a fast food restaurant, and you sought out the manager to compliment me.

Whether we want to or not, and whether we realize it or not, we are all the “And you”.

By realizing it though, you’d be amazed at how many “I was” lives you can turn around.

“I felt like I was alone in the world…and your kind smile as you passed by reminded me that I wasn’t”

I was…

And you…

You’re going to change the world today whether you realize it or not, but by accepting that fact in a conscious manner, you can determine what kind of change you make.

And you…

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I was...and you


  1. Christy such a beautiful message. Today I was in the Dollar Tree getting a few things my daughter needed before she leaves for college I told the young lady that checked me out, “Thank you young lady for your help today I truly appreciate it.” There was an older lady behind me (mind you I am not young) and she spoke up and said, “That was nice ma’am not too many folks remember to thank people that wait on them.” I told her that it was just how my parents raised me that I was raised in the church and my daddy was a deacon so if we were not kind daddy would get our backside. She said, “That’s the problem now days children are not raised in the church or to be appreciative” So your message really is great to remind folks to be kind and try to uplift others spirits.

  2. Christy thank you for your Lifesavers,they are so uplifting.I belive we have threebasic needs a cover for our bodies and clothes to keep us warm and food for our bellies,all of the other things ,cars owning your own home etc are a blessing from our God. I often speak these words to my family and my good friends who will smile and say thanks Liz, I Needed to hear those words. Thanks Christy stay well you and your family. God bless.

  3. Christi,
    Thank you for this post. It was very needed today. I wish it had shown up a few days ago (my wish, not His). I work as a 1st line customer service agent, which brings a varied crop of customers w/ differing needs & attitudes. This helps to put the day and task into the correct focus. Blessings to you

  4. Nice attitude. I am an atheist and I always try to make the difference and be kind. Its great to hear from a person of faith who isn’t judging and condemning all the time. You hear so much from the vicious people who claim religious feeling is the cause of their intolerance and interference that it is easy to forget the people who hold those beliefs reasonably and for themselves.

    1. I agree. Christians don’t hold the patent on good people…or bad 🙂 There is the ability to love and touch lives and do good in each of us. I choose to follow Christ but I don’t think that in doing so I am a better person than any other, I am just blessed to have an awesome leader and I hold nothing but love and respect for you in following your conscience to it’s good end as well.

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