One Fish, Two Fish – Story Time Video

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    I’m excited to be bringing you another story time video today! After you watch this one, you can scroll down and click on any of the other book covers to hear more of my favorite stories.

    One Fish, Two Fish

    by Dr Seuss

Click below to watch more of my favorite stories!

Story Time Videos Southern Plate

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  1. I loved ( I mean my kids ) loved the story. God Bless You for taking your time to do this . ♡ -Victoria, Abby, Ana, & Adi

  2. My grandaughter Libby and I just listened to your stories and we enjoyed them very much. She was not able to attend school today soshe is staying with me.
    She liked Pete The Cat the best. She said she can’t wait to hear another of your stories. She would love to hear you read Courious George.

  3. My 3 year old loved watching you read this book! She kept waving at you and trying to talk to you LOL! We will be watching the other storys. Thanks!

  4. Ms. Christy…thankyou so much for reading these story books to us. We love them and always look forward to new book being read by you. We also live in Alabama and looove ur sweet accent. We will wait for Barbie and the three musketeers. Thanks and B’bye!

  5. My daughter Alyssa (4 yrs old) absolutely loves the way you told this story. We will be bookmarking this site so that we can come back and have story time with you more often! I am so happy that we found this site. Thank you so much! 🙂

  6. Thank you Miss Christy for reading the book. It was very funny. You did better at the tongue twisters than my mom. 🙂 ~Sydney

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