What You’ve Been Cooking – Digest 6-17-11

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Welcome to another edition of the Southern Plate Digest! I had so many great submissions and I’ve been working on getting them all linked to the recipes most of the day today. I ended up only doing about half of them because my kids really want me to get off the computer :).

I want to thank everyone on the Front Porch Forum and Facebook who contributed and I hope you’ll enjoy the comments and discover some new recipes below! Simply click on the recipe name to go directly to that post. While many of the recipes can also be found in my cookbook, some are exclusive to the cookbook and can’t be found online. These are typed in red.

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P.S. If you find that one of the links below isn’t going to the right post, please leave me a comment and let me know which one so I can fix it. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section in addition to that though! I really enjoy getting to read each comment left by you. Y’all know all about me and I want to know about you, too! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the Southern Plate Family. 🙂

Now let’s see what Southern Plate Recipes you’ve been cooking up! HERE WE GO!

Kim Johnson – The very yummy Strawberry Pecan Bread and my Dad’s favorite Rise and Shine Biscuits.

Ruth Dennison – My friend made me the Mandarin Orange Frozen Pie, it was sooooo good.

Veronica Farrar – Absolutely love the chicken and dumplings.

Joanna From the Front Porch – In the last couple of weeks I have made the following: The Strawberry cake and the Butterfinger Cake for a few birthdays at work recently. They were such a huge hit! I have been asked by all grade levels to make all birthday cakes from her on out :) Fire and Ice Salad for a teacher luncheon….everyone loved this too! Deep Dish Pizza and my step daughter says this is the best pizza ever!

SundayCook from the Front Porch -I made Kathy’s country casserole this week. It is so good and filling! The only thing I added was a drained can of Rotel for a little spice.

Terrigodawgs from the Front PorchSquash casserole and Daddy’s coconut cake

Hope from the Front Porch – I made the No Bake Cafeteria Peanut Butter Bars. They were my favorite in school! I remember watching the cafeteria menu to see when we were getting them next. ~giggle~ They were so easy to make and they taste even better the second day!

beebee751 from the Front Porch – I made the Butterfinger Cake to take to a pot luck at church this Wednesday night. It was a big hit! I had to give the recipe to several people and told them about Southern Plate. I stopped last week and bought a flat of fresh home grown strawberries and I have made the Fresh Strawberry Pie and the Simply Easy Pound Cake to help use them up. With fresh home made whipped cream they both were delicious! My family loves the Chicken and Dumplings and I make them at least twice a month. Another favorite at our house is House Autry Pork Chops.

Jen from the Front Porch – Here are some of your recipes that I have used recently: Dishpan cookies, chicken and dumplings, vegetable salad with the shoepeg corn, slowcooker chicken/wildrice, fire & ice salad, broc/cauliflower salad with purple onion, vanilla wafer cake, mandarin orange cake (a makeahead for Easter, since we are working). Thanks for all the great recipes, Christy! :)

Deb from the Front Porch- I made the laundry detergent today with the Fels bar soap and it smells so yummy! my bedding from the pad up is being washed. Can’t wait to go to bed, i love clean sheets enough to do them ~2x/week…this may make it more often! :P

Sonya from the Front Porch – I make the kraut and weenies when I’m too busy to cook anything complicated! I like to mix half plain cabbage and half kraut so it’s less sour. The lemon chess pie is one of my husband’s favorites! He loves lemon and that one is easier than a lemon meringue pie! I made Daddy’s Coconut Cake for Easter- half as cupcakes to take to the extended family gathering and half as a 9″ single layer cake. I just happened to have all the ingredients!

Christy from the Front Porch – I have been reading your cookbook in bits and pieces and find myself laughing, crying, and feeling a little homesick. I can’t wait until my sister gets her copy – I think she’ll enjoy it as much as i do. The story you wrote about listening to the old folks was wonderful. I suspect the rest of the women in the family will be getting a copy for Christmas or sooner – they’re all there in your back yard. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kim Stone – I made your yummy hamburger steaks recently for my husband who LOVED them along with the fried cabbage! I also made your strawberry-pecan bread a few weeks ago for decoration at my church & everyone raved about it. Being a newlywed I need all the meal-inspiration I can get & SouthernPlate.com never fails to deliver!

Veronica Farrar – I know the lemon poppy seed bread was not yours, but it’s a hit here at home

Kristan Stanton – Well I’m always cooking the pb fudge iced brownies (its a no fail crowd pleaser-its also REAL impressive to be so easy!) I also made the mandarin orange pies and those were the easiest pies EVER! My 5 year old just might be able to make them Your orange cake with the mango necter so moist so good a refreshing summer dessert! I served the pie and the cake at the same function to give people options and they all had to have “a little sliver of both” which turned into seconds!

Kimberly Bird – Butterfinger Cake is a favorite around here now, I mean, it’s an addiction.

Veronica Farrar – The no bake cafeteria peanut butter bars are to die for!! I’ve renamed them the Reese Cup Bars!!

Sandy Combs – We’ve been eating lots of Texas Caviar this week. So cool and yummy. A great summer side dish.

Betsy Brown – Your coffee concentrate! It’s easy, delicious, and it’s saving me a TON of money! I make it strong and pour it over ice with milk. Delicious!

Marina Kutsch – The chicken stew was just what my sick teenager needed to feel better. When our guest from out of town got here late tonight I served them the rest of stew with grilled cheese sandwiches. They loved it.

Diana Casabar – That iced coffee was to die for!

Jeanine Wilson -Love the Crunchy Beef Casserole, hamburger steaks & the cubed steaks w/gravy were so good! OH that pimento cheese was awesome… great appetizer w/wheat thins!! I especially love the stories in the cookbook, very sweet…the CZ one.. Awwwww!!

Wendy Slopsema – I know I’ve used a bunch, but the ones that I have bookmarked are MeMe’s mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving Menu Bonanza, and your Holiday Fruit Salad! They were delicious! Whenever I want a recipe for anything, I first search your site before trying anyone else!

Bettielou Welch – laundry soap made it last night all ready washed 3 loads love it

Alisha Courtney – Fresh strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. Everyone loves it and asks for the recipe. One friend even said it was better than her Grandmother’s!

Jill Sanders – My family LOVED The Apple Doozie! Will definitely be a staple on my menu from now on and so easy!

Shelby Henderson My daughter and I made your corn casserole last night, and we are having your Chicken Planks tonight! My children love them with milk gravy. Thank you Christy & Southern Plate!

Susan Helton I keep a bowl of Texas Caviar in my frig at all times so good I eat it for a quick lunch.

Virginia Edmunds Hamburger steaks, tater tots casserole, pulled pork.

Joyce Kaiser Chocolate Sundae Cake…big hit with my family…thanks Christy!

Mary Harris My favorite all time recipe is the chicken chicken. It was delicious! of course, almost everything else I tried was wonderful as well. I have bought your cookbook and given it as a gift many times over!!!

Cara Burrows I’m making the strawberry bread today!

Judy  Blaise I made the fiesta chicken on Tuesday night and my DIL and Son really liked it. (My two grandkids even liked it!)

Julie Church My husband asked for chicken ‘n dumplings…”soon!” I love the ease of that recipe and he loves the down home taste!

Tiffany Huffer lots of strawberry shortcake. my 3 rd old loves the left overs for breakfast and i love making the homemade shortcakes and fresh whippng cream – YUMMY

Allison Saylor The baked mac and cheese, chicken and rice in the slow cooker, banana bread, banana pudding, and old timey butter roll dessert!

Beverly Baker I made the Cheesy Chicken and Corn recipe but my husband isn’t crazy about corn so I left out the can of corn and added a can of black beans instead. It was awesome!

JoAnn Walsh I haven’t done a lot of cooking lately, but I will share a comment from my husband about the chicken stew I made….”This is good, keep it in the rotation” which is what he says when he really likes something and he wants to make sure I make it again. He’s actually said that about quite a few things I’ve made from your cookbook. Thank you for the “no fail” recipes Christy.

McKenzie Crisp Made the Apple Snack cake and it was a HUGE hit!

Amanda Fierce Slow cooker BBQ! My family and co-workers can’t get enough. I love how easy it is with spectacular results every time!

Betty Solomon Nothing could be better as a summer dessert than your Fresh Strawberry Cake. I even put a few of the strawberries in the cream cheese frosting, completely ignoring your advice about how messy it can be! 😉 Yummy.

Anita Cannaday I live in Wisconson and waiting on our tomatos to grow for “Fried Green Tomatoes” … brings me back to my “Southern” roots ♥

Linda Watters I’ve made your thin boneless fried pork chops, like the ones that you make on a biscuit (minus the biscuit) several times and we really enjoy them. I had never bought them before I saw this recipe because I thought they would be dry and hard. Boy, was I wrong! They are tender and tasty and a quick meal. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Christy.

Darby DeFonzo Strawberry Pecan Bread is amazing….but lately I’ve been making those House – Autry pork chops. And last night I used the same recipe but substituted chicken breasts. Sooooo yummy! My girls had theirs on biscuits. Delish and SO EASY! 🙂

Tamara Harris My fav: fruit cocktail cake! I love the recipe on your website! It’s just like the one mom used to make. A great cake to make for those summer picnics and all year around!

Michelle Ryan Love, love, love the Vidalia Honey Vinaigrette Dressing over romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, pecans and chopped green apple. That is my go-to lunch and when I pack it for work, it’s easy not to be tempted to eat out every day. Yum!

Amanda Naff I have made chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, squash casserole and the fried chocolate pies. Not all at the same time though. 😉

Debi Can I just list your cookbook as what I have been cooking? : ) Chicken Planks, Autry Pork Chops, Nilla Wafer Cake, Jordan Rolls, Squash Casserole, Tomato Melts, Fried Corn, Fried Okra, Home Brew, Home Brew, Home Brew and much more…. We Love It All! 😀

Eve Ruth, the Manderin orange pie recipe .I made it earlier this week and it’s fantastic. Perfectly cool and refreshing and just right for summertime! I also made the strawberry pecan bread lately and it’s also very tasty!

Angela Woodie TONS AND TONS of the iced coffee…… my hubby and i are sooooo addicted…… Home Brew is AMAZING!!!!

Teryl  Shields OMW the berry cobbler is to die for! Since reading your cookbook (cover to cover in 2 days!) that one recipe is the one my family asks for at least once a week! Love, love, love the Southern Plate cookbook!

Teryl  Shields Also, had a cooking presentation to do for a culinary class I took in Fall 2010. Made the broccoli salad and won 1st place in the salad division! Thank you Christy!

Lauren Bobo I made the strawberry pecan bread, and it was AMAZING & easy to make! 😛

Carrie Ivy The mandarin orange pie, fried cabbage, brownies w/ pb fudge icing, fried cabbage, cinnamon rolls, fried corn and did I mention fried cabbage?! There is no such thing as too much fried cabbage, love that stuff 🙂

Kelly Tagge ‎’Deep Dish Pizza‘ is so easy and dang good too! ‘Strawberry Cobbler’ recipe but I made it with what I had on hand which was blackberries. Ummm goooood!! All your recipes are made the easy way and you can always taste the love in each and every one of them. ;~)

Carolyn Fulton Rise and Shine and biscuits are great! So easy to make and yummy!

Jacquelyn Primrose The Mandarin Orange pie was a hit in our house. It was so easy to make and a bonus because it makes 2 pies at one time. Everyone loved it!

Shirley Reeves The Sweet and Sour green bean’s ….we just can’t get enough of them . They are so easy and yummy .

Gail Caler Ur Crock Pot Lasagna.. it was the bomb !!! my family and i loved it.. it was awesome.. I will never make Lasagna again in the oven.. I wrote the recipe down in my Southern Plate Cookbook, i will make it alot more times in the future.. Thank you for shareing that recipe.. it was great

Mumaw Beth You can win my heart over any day with peanut butter. The no bake cafeteria peanut butter bars are an 11 in my book.

Wendy K Duncan I would like the rerun of freezing tomato’s Please…..and canning salsa if any…..Thank you so much!

Cindy Reed Just got your book yesterday and marking off recipes to try. Today, tomato melts…have some fresh basil to use up..,mmmm

Lydia Cook Strawberry Pecan Bread-my husband’s favorite. We will be spending the next few days at the baseball fields with our boys, so I’m making it in muffin tins so that we can take some with us easily. 🙂

Angie Carter Just this week made your Taco Soup and Skillet Chili Bake from your “10 Favorite Quick and Easy Suppers”. Both were a hit…so easy and oh, so good!! Didn’t have to heat up my kitchen by using the oven either since they both were “stovetop” meals! Thanks!! =)

Connie Dockler Uhmm, Squash Casserole with Tillamook Smoked Cheddar Cheese is so, so good.

Rachel  Ashworth I fixed the mandarin orange pie. Absolutely delicious.

Judy Johnson The sweet and sour green beans….they were really good and so easy to fix. Didn’t have frozen beans so I used my home canned Blue Lake…..Yummy

Linda Meyers I made the zucchini bread recently which was delicious!!

Debbie Strum I guess you could smell that I FINALLY made your Butterfinger Cake! But you didn’t have to get organize a parade to celebrate the fact! I DO understand what all the fuss is about that cake, though! It IS deLISH! You looked pretty good in that majorette outfit, BTW! ~snickers~

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sorrows keep you human, failures keep you humble.

Success keeps you growing, but only family keeps you going.

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  1. I made/used the laundry detergent recipe. I have only used it once but even that one time let me know I am really going to like itl. The clothes were so soft and fresh and clean. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. In the last few days: cold brew coffee, roast pork, homemade caramels (to send to my grandson who is working this summer as a counselor at a family camp in the Ozarks), Mama’s Orange cake and fresh strawberry pie. (I may be leaving out something! Can’t remember it all.) Today I’m planning to make the Microwave Tortilla Casserole.

  3. I have made your Dad’s hotdog chili recipie several times; the frozen Mandarin Orange pies; and the peanut butter iced brownies. All were delicious. I love your giving so many recipies that use things we already have on hand. That is that “down to earth” , good common sense I spoke about you earlier.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You will be some kind of “sage” when you reach my age.

  4. Today I made the Lemon Chess Pie — had a peach pie in the oven for my step-dad for Father’s day so had the oven a bit too hot and baked the lemon pie a bit too long but it was still good. I am looking for pie recipes that are not too time consuming for baking for our local Farmer’s Market that starts in ten days. anyway — the pie was much lemony (good!) and will do it again I am sure

  5. I’ve made your “home brew” coffee for iced coffee twice and I made the Lemon Poppy Seed Bread last week to share with VBS workers and my neighbor that did some “doggie-sitting” for us whie we went to Gulf Shores. Thanks for your great website and yummy recipes!!!

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