YUM Recipes for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day serves as a solemn tribute in our country to honor and remember the brave men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in service their country. It holds a special place in our hearts as we reflect on their heroism and pay homage to their memory. Additionally, Memorial Day provides a meaningful opportunity for families to come together, celebrating the values of unity, gratitude, and remembrance, while enjoying the simple pleasures of cooking and savoring delicious food in each other’s company, fostering a deeper sense of connection and appreciation for the blessings of freedom.
Enjoy a few of my favorite Memorial Day recipes you can make for the holiday weekend.  

Patriotic Oreo Cookie Balls 

Made with a creamy and crunchy combination of crushed Oreo cookies and cream cheese, these patriotic Oreo cream cheese balls are covered in different flavored chocolate melts for a deliciously sweet and bite-sized patriotic treat. 

Close-up of crock pot pulled pork on burger.

Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ in the Slow Cooker

Pulled pork barbecue is pretty much heaven on a bun as far as I’m concerned and it seems every region has their own way of doing it. In the South, the barbecue is smoked and juicy, served as pictured here or with a little bit of clear mild vinegar sauce poured over it, perhaps some of our white bbq sauce. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must!

This recipe makes it easy with the help of a slow cooker.

(the link to the vinegar slaw is in the post as well)


strawberry punch bowl cake

Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake 

Indulge in a bite of heaven with this luscious Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake. Layers of moist vanilla cake, velvety pudding, and juicy strawberries are crowned with a cloud of whipped cream, creating a tantalizing symphony of flavors and textures. This recipe always screams summer! 

loaded baked potato salad

With a sneaky shortcut, my quick and easy loaded baked potato salad recipe is so full of flavor, with crispy bacon, boiled egg, mayo, mustard, and sweet pickle relish.

macaroni salad

Macaroni Salad 

Al dente macaroni, crisp vegetables, savory bacon, and tangy pickles are what make this the perfect side for any pot luck! This is always a crowd pleaser. 

You know, every time I grill out I end up with leftover hamburger buns. Now I get excited when that happens because this is the BEST french toast ever! Okay, sometimes I even go and buy buns just to do this with them ~grins~. Instructions for freezing also included 🙂

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

~Abraham Lincoln

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  1. i am looking forward to making the macaroni salad this weekend. loved the photos of your oven guard when i checked out the cake recipe!

  2. Hi Christy,
    I wanted to leave you a quick thank you for your help on my sons homework. He made the sawdust pie and received an A-. All his teachers want him to bring in more samples for their critique. Thanks again!

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