What You’ve Been Cookin’ – April 1, 2024

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Today I’m happy to share another digest with you courtesy of our wonderful Southern Plate Facebook Family. I asked what they’d been cooking lately and here is what they said, complete with links to recipes. Please note, if a recipe is in red that means it is exclusive to the cookbook (not found online). If I forgot to link to a recipe you can find it by using the search box at the top right hand corner of Southern Plate. I linked as many as I could but after a few hours my eyes about started to cross :).

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of the Southern Plate Family and have a great weekend!



Jen Hauler – I just made a batch of your candied apples from your cook book.

Michael Hendrix –  Beef Tips and Gravy with Buttered Noodles

Candace Barr – I made your strawberry cake last week, and your baked mac n cheese as a side this week. 🙂

Kristi Chittam – I recently made your pumpkin spice muffins with strudel. Absolutely delicious!

Erika McLemore – I made Jen’s Pizza Casserole for my 16 year old brother-in-law last night. It was a hit!

Becky Walding – Macaroni and Cheese, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Hash Brown Casserole…..I so love this cookbook!!!

Heather Lewis – Dishpan cookies – my kids can’t stop eating them!

Kelly Frank – Broccoli salad 🙂

Eve Shaffer – I made the pizza casserole for my brother’s family last night and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved it and there were plenty of leftovers for everyone, too!

Beth Bell – Last night was “Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice” (SOO Yummy!!.. I hid the leftovers in the fridge for my lunch today LOL) and of course one of my favorite’s Your Mama’s Amazingly easy coconut pie… matter o’ fact.. I’m gonna go have a slice now!

Meredith Grisham – I made the coconut meringe pie for my hubby’s bday. It was my first and didn’t set up, of course. We ate it with a spoon! ;o)

Jennifer  Klein – On the menu tonight is the hamburger beef stew. Hubby requested and luckily I already had some in the freezer!

Jennifer Briggs – Crockpot Fiesta Chicken! My husband is a VERY picky eater and he loved it. I loved the flavor, easy prep and having leftovers for lunch the next day.

Marcie Foster  – Corn casserole, sweet and sour green beans, & hash brown casserole.

Leah Callum –  Basil corn and strawberry cobbler.

Tammy Davis – I made Our Best Pancakes and my husband and I loved them! They are sooooo much better than the boxed pancake mixes.

Debbie Strum – Your Mama’s Strawberry Cobbler, her Mac and Cheese and will be making Jordan Rolls for the week end later today! Love cookin’ and bakin’ with Southern Plate!


Michelle Halcomb – I just did a cookie blessing day with your Lemon Blossoms!

Ditto Belle – In the last week we’ve had Jordan Rolls, Fire & Ice Salad, Chicken Planks & Strawberry Pie.

Shirl Stepp  – homemade banana pudding w/splenda(laura lynn brand) WONDERFUL

Pam Rice  – aunt sue’s pound cake, chocolate pound cake, strawberry cobbler, chocolate gravy, buttermilk biscuits, fried cabbage, house autry pork chops, peanut butter fudge iced brownies, 10 min rolls, fruit coctail cake, is that enough? lol lol

Jeanette H. Whitfield – Slow cooked pulled pork

Jamie Wingo – Crockpot chicken and dressing, will be making it for the second time this Sunday! Yum, yum!

Leanne Brummer – Chicken planks, cinnabuns, baked mac and cheese, pecan pie muffins

Sarah McHenry – homemade cinnamon rolls was a BIG hit. Pizza Sticks was huge with my husband and his buddies. Tender roast and veggies. BBQ beef sandwiches and shredded beef tacos. And you saved me with your meatloaf recipe. I couldn’t make it to save my life. It’s one of my husband’s favorite meals. Your meatloaf turned out delicious. Even my 20 month old loved it!

Debbie Strum -Y’all are makin’ me hungry! LOL And it looks like some of you are cookin’ you way through Southern Plate! LOVE IT!!!

Karen Burton – Jen’s pizza casserole was great last night and for today’s lunch. I used half ground beef and half sausage. Very tasty. I put everything together yesterday morning, put it in the fridge, and tossed it in the oven when we got home from baseball practice!!

Hillary Golson – fresh strawberry cake, bama steak sandwiches and I have the ingredients for stuffed pizza sticks but haven’t made those yet this week. I have made them before and they were a hit in my house

Angelia Corbett – I made Chicken planks this week…my kids love them more than Cick-fil-a..and that is saying alotfor my kids~!

Brenda Croft I made strawberry cobbler It was so yummy!!!!

Stephanie  Lankford – I made chocolate chip pie on “pi day” for the students in the classes I’m substituting in. They went nuts about it!

Angela Miley – Dirty rice, chicken stew, ground beef stew and pineapple upside down cake!

Mary  Lambert – I made Lemon Blossoms and just loved them. So I volunteered to make some in the shape of teapots for our Ladies’ Day at church. Our theme is “My Cup Runneth Over” and we are using teacups and teapots for decorating.

Nedra Rowe – fruit salad (love it!), homemade biscuits ,chicken and rice, going to make dishpan cookies tomorrow for my niece and her rowing team from LSU 🙂

Phyllis Bowden – The Best Ever pancake recipe. The country casserole. Both were so very good. Will make more pancakes Sat and Sunday mornings. I have printed off several things I will be making soon. I have asked for the cookbook for Mother’s Day. My mouth waters reading and looking at the delicious things you cook. 🙂

LeeAnn Byrne –  I just iced a pan of cinnamon rolls!

Vicki  Tarter – Your slow cooker chicken and rice is so delicious I gave the recipe (and website) to my daughter and several friends! I have also made 3 vanilla wafer cakes! My 75 yr.old daddy was SO excited that I made a second one, I had to make him finish his supper first, just like a kid! Lol

Lauren Lee – let’s see… my most recent recipe was “daddy’s rise and shine biscuits” which i make on a regular basis. 😉 but it was “lemon blossoms” before that. and “chocolate cobbler” before that… oh dear… lol!!! this is out of control!!!! hahaha!!!! *big grin*

Cooking With Kick – A few weeks ago I made chocolate gravy and biscuits (it’s posted on my blog). Tonight I’m actually making Homemade Dirty Rice from one of your recipes and will be posting about it this weekend!

Carroll Baxley – Chicken Stew & Fire & Ice Salad………both are favorites.

Sabrina Russell – sweet and sour green beans…..yummy!

Page Schultz – Made your corn casserole for the first time and loved it. So did my husband. Made hamburger stew last week as well.

Kim Johnson – Daddy’s Rise and Shine biscuits, which my own Dad has told me are so good that he does not want me to make another type of biscuits again.

Robbyn Griffin – This week he had deep dish pizza and cheesy chicken and rice

Jessica Pinegar – just made your pork roast this week

Ann Catherine Hibbett – Made Chicken Planks on Wednesday…and JUST pulled a Pineapple Upside Down Cake out of the oven! And yes I already tasted it…Delicious!

Tammi Davis – Lemon bars! YUM!

Lianne Robinson – I made your vidalia onion and honey vinaigrette. (Did I spell it right? LOL!) It was a hit!!!

Karen Warren – Made the peanut butter fudge icing last week and must have cooked it to long or to hot. Got hard and crumbly, but I believe if first you dont succeed, try it the next day. Boiled for 2 minutes on medium high and it was good and rich. Gonna try and make the bread sandwich with hamberger and cream of mushroon. Love me some of that stuff. Thanks for the ideas you give and the upbeat attritude you show.

Claudia Morrow – I made the crock pot apple butter for my ladies fellowship as a take home gift. I bought 1/2 pint jars and let them “can” their own. It was a hit with them and their hubbies I heard. O also made your mom’s strawberry cobbler. Yummy!!

Melise Etheridge – Make so many things, it’s hard to remember the recent ones……crockpot roast and veggies, yellow cake with peanut butter icing, chicken planks, milk dunking cookies, fire and ice salad, perfect iced tea :), hamburger stew. Everything from the cookbook and website are delicious. Really enjoy the posts, too! Thanks, Christy.

Robin  Wood – Aunt Sue’s pound cake, chocolate pound cake with icing, apple cake, sweet n sour green beans are a favorite and make them often, fruit salad, chicken casserole, I’m on a mission to try it all!

Kristin Rowell – Top to bottom ham and cheese bread, deep dish pizza and I’m making crunchy beef casserole right now.

Tina Pietila – I just made Pizza Rolls. This is a family fav. Will be making Slower Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice this weekend. Of course, we made Banana Pudding yesterday. My 4 year old daughter loves to put the cookies in the bowl.

Melissa Haydon – we had chicken planks….my 4 yr old sees crackers and asked me are we having chicken without skipping a beat, my family loves them!!

Keely Brand – Your spagetti which I made with your recipe for garlic bread, with pizza rolls(your recipe) AND cinnamon rolls for dinner(the loaves come 3 to a pack so I made good use out of all 3) haha

Katie  Blair – Dishpan cookies! I am making them this weekend for my students at school. They have little notes attached to them that say “You are a smart cookie”.

Susan Turner – Apple dapple cake! I made one this morning for my wonderful work family. Today was my last day at NASA and I wanted to do something special for all the special folks in my office.

Nichole  Heuer – i made your chicken and dumplins last night goooooooood!

Laurie Stone – waaaaaay to freakin many! I have gained 20 pounds since I met your blog and your BOOK! lol

Joyce  Kaiser – Making german chocolate pie and vanilla wafer cake this weekend and anything else in your book u can think of….cuz…i have your cookbook now! Hehehehe (dancing and giggling)

Nancy  Ellis – buttermilk biscuits and pork roast in the crock pot!!!

Amy  Grochowski – Crockpot chicken four times this month. . . Strawberry cobbler hooked me on your blog. . . Cinnamon buns were a huge hit when my mother in law came down for a visit and a Mandarin orange cake is in the fridge and gonna be just perfect by tomorrow’s big family get together. . . Mmm, THANK YOU!!!!

LaDonna Ohlen – I am making your Mama’s Strawberry Cobbler. I made your Hashbrown recipe from your cookbook for dinner tonight. It is a family favorite.

Donna Holland – I made your dishpan cookies yesterday. This morning I make your egg, ham & cheese breakfast sandwich. Both were a hit. Thanks.

Heather  Stauffer – I am new to The Southern Plate. I just tried my first recipe. I made the brownies with peanut butter fudge icing. The brownies were for a friend, so I didn’t cut into them, but I did sample the frosting that was left in the pot. Yum-o!! I will be making these for my own family soon. I have also really enjoyed reading your blogs and reading some of your other recipes. Thanks for sharing!

Melody Vilt – Red Beans over Rice – was so delish – good comfort food.

Connie Dockler – Fire and Ice, haven’t heard back from Sephora yet, he he..

Lisa Everhart – Last Saturday night was a Southern Plate night..Picnic Chicken, Sweet and Sour Green Beans and Macaroni and Cheese. It was sooooo good and the Mac and Cheese was the best I have ever had! It was the first mac and cheese recipe in the cookbook. I have never found a Mac and Cheese recipe that was really good, but this one was THE BEST! I couldn’t believe how easy it was…Thinking about making it again tomorrow. Love all your recipes and your cookbook!

Lisa Everhart – Also, my family loves the Peach Crisp with vanilla ice cream of course!

Joyce Kaiser  – Christy, when I saw your topic for this I really had to think about what to put earlier…I have tried so many of your recipes and yet there are so many more to go, I just don’t know where to start. I think I am going to have to pull the “Julie/Julia” gig on your cookbook! My family loves your recipes and now my daughter starts getting excited when I say I am making a SP recipe. I thank God for giving us you…you are such a blessing.

Lisa  Weddle – Made the pizza sticks– but made it for a meal for my teenagers and their friends. It was a huge hit! I made 3 rolls of the dough and there wasn’t much left over.

Kristyne Komlosi  -Your lemon meringue pie

Rhea Palmer  – The strawberry cobbler (yummy!!), the homemade biscuits (double yummy and they came out!!), and the lemon meringue pie (made it twice in a month and it was triple yummy!!)

Bonnie McCawley – My family loves your Cheesy Chicken and Corn Casserole. We’re getting creative with different flavor combinations and will be trying a “chicken cordon bleu” spin next time, with some added ham and swiss cheese instead of cheddar.

Angie Stewart Forester – made the 3rd batch (in 2 wks) of Jordan Rolls yesterday & we just them for breakfast…make great little fried egg sandwiches!!!

Hillary Golson – I made the 2 minute English Muffin for my hubby today and melt in your mouth doughnuts.

Marianne  Inman – hmmmm we have the Hoe Cake several times a week, have made the English muffins for my Mom several times also, (major hit with her!!) Dishpan cookies (had to send to the son), so many of your dishes, would be easier to say which ones I haven’t, LOL. That would be the Fire and Ice, LOL Thanks for all that you do!!! ♥

Susan – King Cake is in the oven..Oh I KNOW I missed ‘mawdee graw’ but what the heck. Crockpot Chicken has been cooking since 8 am or so, we love it!!! Hoecake…that’s a staple now, my husband just devours it…and your sweet/sour green beans, I forget the name you use for them–the ones w/ bacon and onion and sugar and vinegar!! We have ‘dinner with Christy ‘ all the time now! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing yourself, your recipes and your family with us!

Shawna Stryker  – Christy – You’re a weekly guest at my dinner table! We love the dirty rice (we stuff the left-overs in bell peppers), your baked ham, the pizza casserole, the crunchy beef casserole … well, let’s just say we eat your food every week. THANK YOU for being a part of our lives! 😀

Rhea  Palmer – I have to add another one! I made the Good N Easy Cake earlier today and it was sooooo good!!

Susan Yarbrough – oohh I forgot one too…last weekend I made the baked sandwiches w/ frozen bread dough. Husband was shoveling that down as fast as he could! Next time I’ll play w/ the filling a little bit; I did add onion as you suggested but plan to use taco seasoning and cheese!! yumm!

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  2. I’ve had company this past week and had the “Pizza Rolls”, Dishpan Cookies, Lemon Blossem Cookies in the freezer. They are all about gone!!! They took a big bag of the goodies with them on the plane this morning!! They loved all the recipes! Christy was a big hit at our house!!!
    Thank you!!!

    Have a great week-end to you and your family!

  3. I wish I had responded because last week I made your chocolate gravy, red beans and rice, chicken and dumplings, strawberry pie and glazed carrots. I bought the cookbook for my sister and ended up having to buy another for me. Thanks for all your great recipes.

  4. I just have to tell you, your book is just fantastic. So far I’ve tried 4 recipes from your book and website and all of them have turned out to be 5 star keeper recipes! And my sister is asking for a copy for Mother’s Day!

    The cold coffee is amazing.

    The Lemon Bars were the hit of our last bake sale. Here are some quotes people gave me — “The best I’ve ever had,” “Perfection,” and “Amazing.” I told them all about your book, don’t you worry.

    The Slow Cooker cheesy chicken and rice was excellent — made it with chicken thighs, and we all just loved it.

    And last but most certainly not least, the chicken and dumplings. Before your book, I only had chicken and dumplings once in my life. Deprived, I know but it’s not a recipe we have in my ethnic tradition! I had them once at Cracker Barrel and loved it but never thought I could make it myself.

    Well, tonight I’m making them for the 2nd time in two weeks. It’s just so delicious, and the whole family loved it. The first time i just used leftovers from a roasted chicken. This time I’m gonna try it just the way you wrote it. I know it will turn out well.

    I’ve got a box of Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice ready to go to try the Slow Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice next.

    I know you like to sign off with Gratefully. Well, we are grateful for *you*!
    — With Big Hugs from California

  5. Just discovered your website thanks to your book which I just found at the library. WHAT MEMORIES you’ve brought back to me of many a childhood summer in Tennessee eating, visiting the relatives while drinking sweet tea on the porch and eating chocolate gravy over biscuits every breakfast (no one here in Ohio EVER got it about chocolate gravy, lol).

    I couldn’t believe how many of your recipes are so close to not only those written out in my southern grannies’ hands, but also the ones our family hasn’t been able to find – we can’t wait to try those that we’ve been searching for for years but could never find quite the right ones – they are in the book! We recognize them and remember. THANK YOU!!!

  6. Love how Ricky got in the picture at the beninning of this post! Between Souther Plate posts and your cookbook, it is so easy to plan weekly menus. And it’s always fun to read the stories that go with the recipes. It’s a great way to take a bread from one’s routine! Thanks Christy!

    1. Dang!…make that ‘beginning’ and ‘Southern’….or was that my way of playing as April Fool’s joke on ya?!! Well, trust me my original comment was not a joke…Thank’s for all you do for us and Southern Plate!!

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