Yes Day! – Story Video

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    Thank you for letting me read you another story! This video is a bit scattered but that is because it co-stars Katy Rose and Teaspoon! I hope you enjoy it and be sure and check out the other story time videos below.

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  1. This absolutely made my night! I just love you and your precious family! So enjoyed seeing the kitten! I love cats! Katie is beautiful just like you!

  2. My grandchildren were over and we had a thunderstorm. The TV went off as they were watching cartoons. I remembered you had just posted this story so I surprised them and brought the laptop and sat it between them. I said here is a nice lady who is going to read you a story. They listened to all four stories and wanted more. Thank you so much. The little talk you give at the end of the story is very nice. It means a lot. Have a great day and please read more stories.

  3. As a teacher, you captured what is great about reading. Your little sweet girl made a connection during the book. AWESOME! Besides all of that, my sweet Landyn that is 7 giggled and smiled all the way through the reading of the book. Having you show us your pets made it so special. Thank you for sharing with us and we will check back every day. Thank you! You could be a teacher.

  4. This video is quite appropriate for me as my 3yo son asked if he could stay up late tonight. So here we are (at 11:45pm), and we just finished watching you read us a bedtime story. He LOVED it! He even had to be reminded that we cannot shout (“YES!”) once Baby Brother and Daddy are asleep. Thank you so much. =)

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