Prepping for the UNA show


I headed to the University of North Alabama today to do a walk through of tomorrow night's cooking show. Let me just say again, these culinary students at UNA have things DOWN! We had a great time walking through the show and I'm REALLY excited about getting to meet some of my Southern Plate Family tomorrow. Do you realize this will be the FIRST time I've ever gotten to meet a group of SP family ... Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken And Rice (The downside of being a Swan Princess)


I have a firmly held belief that the most important lessons in life are learned in Kindergarten. For this reason (and many others) when my five year old speaks, I listen. Oftentimes she'll say something that has me stifling a giggle (Katy Rose does not like for folks to laugh at anything she says right now unless she clearly states that it is a joke beforehand), but others she'll speak something ... Continue Reading

Filming a Local Cooking Show


Today I got to go meet Nancy Cloud, eighteen year host of a local cooking show on Comcast Cable here in Huntsville, Alabama. I had planned on getting up, getting the kids off to school, and then working on Southern Plate and the facebook page a bit before needing to be on set at 10:15. That was a great plan, but you know how those go! My poor Bradybug was sick for a second day, waking up ... Continue Reading

Five Favorite Supper Recipes from Facebook!


We're all a little under the weather this week and planning the big Southern Plate cooking show at UNA on top of it. So today I thought I'd bring you a selection of five favorite recipes from our Southern Plate Facebook Family. A while back I asked for your favorites and everyone chimed in to create an extensive list! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. Seems like we all could use ... Continue Reading

SIBA Trade Show


I just got back from a quick trip to the Southern Booksellers Alliance Trade Show in Daytona. When I say quick trip, I'm not kidding, either! I flew in, signed books and had dinner, then got up to speak the next morning and flew out a few hours later. But an awful lot of great experiences were packed into that little window of time. This is my dear friend Maralee McKee. You can find out ... Continue Reading

Getting the book (and looking inside)


This is the video of me getting to see the finished book for the first time. If you'd like to browse through the final book, Harper Collins/William Morrow now has a page on their site where you can see the dedication, introduction, and several other pages inside the book including some photos, recipes, and recipe listings. Click here to visit the Browse Inside Southern Plate Webpage ... Continue Reading

Ham Salad (Recipes SHOULD be easy!)


Good morning! ~thinks a minute~ Okay, so it was morning when I started working on this post. However, by the time I got back from the grocery store, made the ham salad, and heard my stomach growl as I took photos of the finished product, I ended up sitting down to eat my model (it was just too pretty not to eat right then and there) and lo and behold, by the time this puppy is posted it will ... Continue Reading

Books A Million Warehouse Signing


Yesterday I went to the Books A Million warehouse in Florence, Alabama to sign some books for them to distribute to their stores. BAMM has been so supportive of me and I just can't tell you how much I appreciate it. They even sent out a dedicated email about my book a few weeks back! This is me and my friend, Jamie. Jamie is a student at UNA in the same department I graduated from and they've ... Continue Reading

Iโ€™m giving myself permission..


Welcome to tales from the tour, with emphasis on tales :). I've given myself permission to write all I want here, about any little trivial thing that happens my way or enters my thoughts as long as it is somehow related to my book tour. And honestly, I can pretty much relate to pot of chicken and dumplings in Alabama to sushi in the heart of Tokyo if I want to so its kinda wide open there ;) So ... Continue Reading

Behind The Scenes At The Photo Shoot For Southern Living!


Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes on a Southern Living photo shoot! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever dare to think I'd be in Southern Living Magazine, much less my entire family, but lo and behold, in the October 2010 issue (on news stands soon) there is a feature story on Southern Plate! Not only am I in there with my husband and kids, but so are my parents, some dear friends of ... Continue Reading