10 Things to do with Tomatoes

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10 things to do with tomatoes

 With tomatoes coming in more and more every day around my house, I thought I would share some ideas on what to do with them with you today.

I hope you planted tomatoes this year! I strongly encourage you to grow however much of your own food as you possibly can and in many parts of the country it is not too late to get a late summer garden in. You will be glad you did this fall when you see how high our food prices will be going (yes, in addition to the heights they have already reached).

Are Tomatoes Fruits or Vegetable?

Well it depends on who you ask.  If you ask a botanist who knows the criteria regarding what makes a fruit a fruit, then tomatoes are actually fruits, not vegetables.

Bottom line (I guess) is fruits contain seeds, while vegetables typically don’t have seeds and consist mainly of roots, stems and leaves.

For me it really doesn’t matter much… I just want to enjoy these little beauties with a lovely meal.  Now go get you some tomatoes and enjoy them in these 10 different ways…

Here are a few of my favorite things to do with tomatoes: 

10 Things to do with TomatoesFreezing Tomatoes

Freezing tomatoes is an incredibly simple way to put them up. It’s fast, easy, and requires no special equipment. You will be rewarded with garden fresh taste when you use them in soups and stews this fall. There is nothing like it! Try my family’s chicken stew, my chili, this phenomenal goulash, or even add them to store bought spaghetti sauce to liven up the flavor!

10 Things to do with TomatoesMake Tomato Chips!

I have been making tomato chips almost daily for several weeks now because we eat them just as fast as I can get them made! This simple method yields a deliciously crisp chip that can be eaten as a snack or tossed in soups and stews to rehydrate and serve like you would traditional stewed tomatoes.

mozzarella MeltsBroil ’em!

This is a very common lunch for me during tomato season. I slice fresh tomatoes, add a few simple ingredients, and eat until I’m floundered! They are just that good!

10 Things to do with TomatoesMake Tomato Pie!

Tomato pie is a wonderful side dish that can also double as a meal in itself!

Tomato, onion, and cucumber saladMake Tomato and Cucumber Salad!

This is one of my favorite salads to bring to family reunions, summer potlucks, or to eat pretty much year round.

It’s always best with garden fresh tomatoes though.

Make Slow Cooker Tacos

This is an easily customizable meal using whatever veggies your garden is currently giving you. Yesterday I made it and doubled the tomatoes, used fresh squash from a neighbor and paired it with the other simple ingredients and seasonings for a fresh and filling home cooked meal in one!

Make a Relish

Corn relish is good on pretty much anything but I especially enjoy it on top of a bowl of pinto beans or served alongside fresh cornbread. This also makes a great Christmas gift to anyone who would enjoy a little taste of summer during the winter months. cropped-Bacon-Okra-Tomatoes-scaled-1.jpgTomatoes and Okra

This four-ingredient tomatoes and okra recipe with crispy bacon and tender onion will knock your socks off.  I mean you did see bacon in the title, right?!

10 Things to do with TomatoesFry ‘Em! 

Fried Green tomatoes are as Southern as Sweet tea, and for good reason! If you have any unripened tomatoes or harder than usual red ones, use this recipe to make one Jim Dandy of a side dish!

10 Things to do with TomatoesGreek Chicken Tacos

Fresh chopped tomatoes are always wonderful served atop tacos. This recipe combines them with fresh herbs to make a delicious topping on Greek Chicken Tacos.

10 Things to do with Tomatoes

Share Them With Neighbors!

A tradition as old as gardens are, sharing bounty with neighbors fosters friendships and lends a helping hand as well. If you have a bountiful garden this year and know someone who doesn’t:

Be a good neighbor and share the fruits of your labor!

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  1. Saw this old quote somewhere: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

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