3 Vintage Punch Recipes

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Looking for something to take your get together up a notch? Never underestimate the dazzle of a special punch.

These three vintage punch recipes are family favorites that I reach for time and again. 

Punch with pineapple wedge

Delicious Party Punch

This is everyone’s favorite. Don’t let the fresh fruit garnish fool ya, it’s as low maintenance as they come and pretty inexpensive to make as well. You can switch up one ingredient to make a myriad of colors so it matches whatever the occasion calls for. This is the punch we make on our annual cookie decorating night. 

Vintage Iced Tea Punch

A classic straight from a 1929 Jewel Tea cookbook, I tend to think of this as my “Ladies event punch”. It has a wonderful mix of flavors and isn’t too sweet. The base flavor of iced tea makes it perfect for any occasion. 

Wedding Punch

Wedding & Anniversary Punch

This is our special moments punch. We served this at all of our weddings, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, etc. The brilliance of this punch is that you can make it ahead of time and then pour it in the punchbowl as needed, making it perfect for larger gatherings, although that doesn’t keep me from making it just for us from time to time! 

I hope you enjoy these 3 vintage punch recipes and I do hope you’ll consider making one as family comes in to visit. It’s that one extra step that just makes a get together even more of an occasion to remember! 

Be blessed and be a blessing!



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  1. the presentation of your creative recipes is also stellar! these punches look soooo cool and yummy. thanks for such a variety of recipes always. <3

  2. Christy,
    Wishing you and your sweet family a blessed holiday season. May all of you keep Christmas in your heart all year.
    The love the flows from Him is the light that shines throughout the year.
    Wishing you peace,

  3. Merry Christmas Christy! Enjoy your emails so very much. Thank you for all your hard work bringing us these delicious recipes and wisdom.

    1. My mama (97) has the same glasses you have your iced tea punc in! Were they given as a promotion item with purchase? Love ’em.

      1. I have the same glasses that belonged to my grandmother. It’s my understand they originally contained peanut butter and were saved to be used as glasses after the peanut butter was removed.

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