5 Great Dessert Recipes

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5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

Last week I had the privilege of going to visit Sister Schubert (yes, the one of rolls fame) in her home in south Alabama. I was joined by four other bloggers and getting to spend time with those sweet ladies in addition to Sister was just icing on the cake. Talk about a blessing!

But first, a little about Sister. Yes, everyone calls her that, even her sweet husband, George. In fact, she prefers it. Her name is Patricia but when her sister was little she couldn’t say that so Sister’s mother suggested they just call her “Sister” instead. It stuck.

Also, yes, she is a real person. I had a lot of comments on that where folks thought she was a made up persona to sell a product. No siree, Sister is the real deal and this roll recipe is the one her Grandmama taught her how to make when she was a little girl. You can see the love of generations in her eyes whenever she speaks of it.

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!
This is Sister cooking like a Ninja to avoid disturbing her sleeping dog 🙂

She is also, clearly, the greatest hostess of our time. I have never, in all of my life, felt as welcome as I did in Sister’s home. It can only be compared to the warm feeling of being in a grandmother’s house (although Sister is not old enough to be my grandmother!) I have also never met someone as kind, generous, and genuinely caring as Sister. I don’t know how she does it other than to be filled with grace directly from God. But for such a petite body, she sure does house a lot of grace! I hope to be half as kind as her at some point in my life.

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

She taught us how to make her special rolls, yes THOSE rolls! What an amazing thing to learn. Since returning home, I’ve made twelve pans of them! This is my sweet Katy with the pan she made all by herself. She did such a great job and we were all happy to enjoy her efforts!

I’m not sharing the roll recipe with you today, though. You’ll have to buy Sister’s cookbook to get that because she uses all of the proceeds from her books to support her home for orphaned and abandoned children as well as other charities. Stay tuned for news of her latest cookbook, out next month! She is a very generous lady who works because she is sharing her passion and then happily sends the profits of her labor to causes God puts on her heart. No wonder a lot of people think she is a nun :).


However, you can go purchase her rolls, these very same rolls, at the local grocery store. Sister used to always make them fresh and discovered how well they freeze years and years ago when her church had a frozen food fair. The first year she participated, she sold out of her rolls and so the next year the church decided to take orders for them. Sister received a call shortly after orders opened saying that she already had over 200 orders! A surprised Sister replied “Well, I guess we’d better stop taking orders then..” She filled all of those orders herself with the exact same rolls you can now buy in the grocery store – a perfect way to add a special touch to all of your holiday meals.

So you can go buy Sister’s rolls and then make the other recipes I am sharing with you today. We had a lovely dinner at her home Wednesday night when we first got into town and once dessert came around, Sister surprised us all with a sampling of desserts she made using our recipes! I was stunned by such a thoughtful gesture. How does she think to do this stuff?

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

See that presentation? Sister said that her grandmother used to always set the table with her finest china and silver on Sunday for the family dinner. One day, as they were setting the table, Sister told her Grandmother she didn’t have to go to all of that trouble just for them. She said her grandmother stopped everything she was doing, looked at Sister, and said “I can have no finer company than my family.”  That quote really put it all in perspective for me. I hope it hit a heart note with you as well. It is so very true.

Here are the recipes and as an added bonus, you get to “visit” with each of the other bloggers I spent time with at Sisters. They are so incredibly sweet. I miss them already and am secretly planning a retreat in hopes of getting us together soon. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

Epic Brownie

We’ll start off with the Epic Brownie from the sweet and spicy Somer of A Spicy Perspective. Okay, she wasn’t really spicy, just sweet. Somer is incredibly helpful and really gave us a lot of great hints on how to take better photos (we asked. Because when you see her photos, you’re gonna want to ask, too!).

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

Disaster to Decadence Applesauce Truffles

These truffles were as amazing as their creator, Paula. Paula is a Mississippi girl who just “gets” me!

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

Luscious Lemon-Coconut Bars

Y’all know how much I love my Lemon Bars. Well, Tracey took them up a notch by adding coconut! Just when you think you can’t love something more…

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

Pumpkin Ice Cream

When I tasted this creamy, dreamy pumpkin ice cream I resigned myself to have to do whatever it took to recreate it – and assumed that would require hours of work. Not so! This ice cream begins with store bought vanilla ice cream! Chris makes everything beautiful and easy :).

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

Cranberry Crunch

Last but not least is the recipe of mine that Sister chose, which is a favorite of my mother’s. Cranberry Crunch is an old school cafeteria recipe and Mama said the whole school got excited when they walked into the lunchroom and smelled it baking!

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

And the most important site of all!!!! Visit SisterSchubert.com for WONDERFUL entertaining ideas and tips to make your holidays more gracious and relaxed. And for even more fun, visit her special needlequote site, where you show your family how much you appreciate them this holiday season and take your favorite quotes and turn them into needlepoint shareable art for Facebook, Instagram, or just to enjoy!

When I made this needle quote (pictured above) I got a link to print off a coupon for $1.00 off any of Sister’s products, too! (I love coupons).

You can see more of our trip and learn more about the amazing person Sister is by visiting her at any of the following:

I encourage you to follow and like her pages. This lady is amazing!

5 Great Dessert Recipes From My Visit With Sister Schubert!

I have been invited to participate in a Sister Schubert’s ambassador program, and this post is sponsored by Sister Schubert’s. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. #SisterSchubertsHoliday

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. Sounds like you had a great time. And all the recipes look very tasty. Years ago when she first started selling her rolls she made the best orange rolls I’ve ever had. And then they disappeared from grocers’ freezers. Wish she would bring them back to market.

  2. I have her cookbook and made a batch of rolls this past weekend for Thanksgiving. I highly recommend getting a copy of her cookbook – it’s the best instructions for making, freezing, and reheating rolls that I’ve found. The orange roll recipe will be worth the price 🙂 🙂

  3. Sister seem like some you would like to be around all the time including you. Thanks for sharing I WANT HER Book also. I am making your pie crust in a pan for sweet patoto pies. God bless happy T DAY.

  4. WOW Katy, such a beautiful science lesson, your rolls are every bit as beautiful as Sister’s and I can only imagine the wonderful aroma drifting from your momma’s kitchen. I love Sister’s rolls and now will have to ask for her book from my daughter for my Christmas. Last year she bought me your momma’s books and I have loved them so much and use them most everyday except for the chicken stew I have that one memorized it’s my favorite. Can’t wait to try these new recipes. Katy in today’s world you are so blessed to have such a loving family but the smile on your face I know you feel blessed. happy Thanksgiving Jordan Family and Mama Janice family. You all are a blessing to me as well as many others.

  5. I love your upbeat, positive posts; I always feel like I have been home visiting with my family after I read them.

    I just had to tell you that this morning I was looking for a recipe for crockpot dressing so I thought Pinterest would be the quickest way to see several recipes at once. Low and behold, one of the first recipes I clicked on was yours! While I love Pinterest options, I knew I could depend on your recipe to turn out right so I went to your website and printed it off. (Printing it from Pinterest just didn’t seem good enough. Ha). I plan to make it tonight for our potluck lunch at work tomorrow.

    Thanks for a wonderful variety of recipes!

  6. What a blessing for you two great ladies spending time together. My husband and I discovered Sister’s rolls some years ago and have loved them ever since! We prefer whole wheat since I’m diabetic and they have less carbs than the others. We’re serving them for Thanksgiving.

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