Answering Your Questions (Video)

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I set up a special email address for my subscribers to email in questions they’d like to ask. I was hoping to get enough questions to make a video and ended up with so many that I may be making a few videos!

Thank you so much for everyone who took the time to email in. I’m excited to get to sit down and chat with you now :).

The video starts out blurry but gets really clear shortly after.

Links I mention in the video:

Aunt Sue’s Famous Pound Cake

Better For Your Diet Southern Recipe Collection

How To Season Cast Iron

3 Ingredient Biscuits

How to Make Buttermilk Biscuits

Hoe Cake


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  1. I can never find a recipe for CHEESE STRAWS that works when I follow the instructions. I usually get a gummy, tasteless final product. Wish Christy would apply her cooking GENIUS to cheese straws.

  2. Christy, thank you for answering questions! I truly enjoyed the video and look forward to seeing more. You are a delight!

  3. Question, on the Fuss Free Fried Chicken, my husband only likes the chicken breasts (without the skin), can I use this recipe by leaving off the skin?

    Also, if I wanted to cook gravy is there an easy recipe for that.

    Sorry Christy, you will be hearing from me a lot as I have just retired from working with the State of Alabama and I am still trying to learn to cook. About time since I’m in my 70’s.

  4. Christy, really enjoyed you video and I was glad to hear about the milk you use. I have 10 grandchildren but 3 are here everyday except Wednesday when I have 6 and some of them can go through the milk. So now I’m going to buy me some of the milk you showed and I should have no problem running out when I need some. I also left a comment about the sorghum syrup for you and Jan. Have a blessed day and will be checking back to see what’s going on in Alabama.

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