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Asian slaw

My friend, Heather, called me yesterday to get this recipe. I had given it to her a few years back and she had misplaced it and wanted to make it for her upcoming fourth of July gathering. Fortunately, I remembered seeing it on my blogging buddy Rhoda’s site and just sent her there to get it! That got me to thinking that this would make an excellent guest post and since Rhoda is so quick on the trigger with her emails, we got it all set up last night!

Mama and I first had this amazingly delicious slaw at the Red Rooster Bed and Breakfast in Cullman, Alabama when we were on a quilting retreat. We went back for seconds and then asked for the recipe! I am thrilled to bring this to you today, courtesy of Rhoda of Southern Hospitality. I know you’ll enjoy her post, this dish, and then a visit to her blog after wards! If you’re going to make this for a crowd, be sure you double it! Thank you, Rhoda!



Dry ramen noodles

Have you had this Asian slaw recipe before? What a great time of the year for something cool and delicious like this. It seems to be one that has been passed around in the last few years in one form or another and it really is a great recipe for a party. It serves a lot of people and most folks seem to like it, with a sweet oil and vinegar mixture that is very good. Most men seem to like it too.
Asian slaw


*Christy’s Note: If slaw mix isn’t available where you are, just use two cups of shredded cabbage in it’s place.

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  1. I just realized that recently I have not been receiving your newletters. I guess it has been at least a month. Is something wrong on my end? Sure do miss your recipes.

  2. Any recipe that starts with a bag of veggies already cut up gets high on my list. As always, Christy, thanks for sharing your recipes and your sweet and uplifting spirit.

  3. This slaw is my favorite. I use broccoli slaw mix and add a can of manadrin oranges to it. It is so good and a good summer dish.

    1. I was looking through your site at all the recipes again. I made this one tonight. I was reading through the comments and saw where I had commented on this one already. One thing I wanted to add that is to add in addition to the mandarin oranges is dried cranberries. I had it at a function with the dried cranberries, and they are really good in it. Also adding some sesame oil in place of the regular oil (I usually do half and half) adds a lot of flavor. Mix it up right before serving, and the noodles and almonds will still be crunchy. You can’t mess up this salad, and it’s so good!

  4. I love this slaw! It is so delicious!!! People in my family crave it. I posted my own version awhile back. I don’t use the ramen noodle favor packets because of the sodium content. I add a few other things and it tastes just as delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Christy,

    I really love your recipies, but I love your quotes almost as much. I am planning on making a quilt using lots of your quotes transfered onto fabric, then incorporated into my quilt squares. It might take me years to get it done (most of my quilts do), but one day I’ll take a picture of the end results and send it to you!

  6. Hi,
    I also have been making this for a couple of years. The only things that are different are:
    1-Toss in the noodle pieces just as you are about to serve it so they are still crunchy
    2-I use splenda instead of sugar

    It comes out wonderful!

  7. Hi- This is one of my favorite salad/slaw recipes (mine is a slight variation). My husband even asks for this! That’s a good sign when he asks me to make a certain dish.

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