Banana Bread Caramel Sundae

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You are going to love this Banana Bread Caramel Sundae!

Grab that leftover loaf of banana bread! As promised yesterday, I am about to give you not one, not two, but THREE things to do with leftover Banana Bread! We are going to start with Banana Bread Caramel Sundae.  They are each divine in their own right and none require a culinary degree, just a few minutes in the kitchen!

First off, we’re going to do something tres simple, as simple as impressing you using one of the few french words I learned in two years of high school foreign language classes.

This is the easy one, the next two are a bit more involved and WAY more impressive!

Begin with leftover Banana Bread. Butter it, toast it, put ice cream on top and then add Caramel!


Now on to the next one……this is my personal favorite….~next post coming up~

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