Best Apple Recipes

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How To Make Scrumptious Apples Recipes

Since starting Southern Plate people always ask me around this time of year what are my best apple recipes. Now I know I am not supposed to have favorites but the apple recipes below are definitely some of my favorites.

With lots of us having apples in season now, I thought would bring all these apples recipes for you in one swoop so you can browse and find some new favorites of your own. Each recipe is printer friendly and from my personal collection.  I hope they become your best apple recipes too!

Caramel Apple Cheesecake 

caramel apple cheesecake slice

Caramel + Apples + Cheesecake = Perfection on a Plate

Good N Easy Apple Cake with Homemade Whipped Cream

easy apple cake slice

This cake is so good. I especially love it in the evenings with a cup of coffee. Great story behind the recipe, too!

Apple Orchard Snack Cake

Apple Snack Cake

This is one of my favorites because it is filling and not very sweet. Great for breakfast, dessert, or a coffee treat.

Apple Dapple Cake

Apple Dapple Cake slices

Classic favorite that still wows the crowds! Served at many a family reunion and church luncheon.

Apple Fritters

apple fritters

Love these. Need these now. Probably making them after I finish this post

Fried Apples

Love these apples in their thick, rich sauce!

Apple Pie Oatmeal Overnight 

apple pie overnight jars

The whole family will love this apple recipe

Freezing Apples – and what the old folks taught me.

How to freeze apples the old fashioned and simple way.

Even more Southern Plate Apple Recipes!


  1. Christy – I apologize if I am asking a duplicate or uninformed (lol – sounds better than stupid right.) question, but when you send out your recipes each day, do you mark them somehow so that we know it is a recipe in your cookbook? I find that I print so many then find it in the cookbook or after I read your post I pull out the cookbook and look thru the index.

    Thank you so much and have a really fun Thursday.

  2. Ok, so I had just had to write to tell you what a hit the Apple Dapple cake was at our neighborhood block party. I made the cake for the block party this past Sunday. After eating my barbecue dinner, I headed to the dessert table to try a piece of the apply dapple cake. Well, there wasn’t a crumb remaining on the plate. It just so happens that a neightbor was standing at the dessert table too when she noticed that I was disappointed that I had missed out on the cake. She said that the cake was absolutely delicious and that many neighbors were trying to find out who made it. As it turns out, many had been walking around asking who brought the cake. Well, when it was learned that I made the cake, you wouldn’t believe how many women and men walked up to compliment me on it. Of course, the credit all goes to you from whom that recipe came. I told them to be sure to read about you in the October Southern Living magazine.

    P.S. I learned that several folks wrapped up pieces of cake to carry home to have with their morning coffee.

    THANK YOU so much for the fabulous recipe. Definitely a keeper and one that I’ll make for our Thanksgiving gathering.

    Oh, awesome UNA debut!!…want to try the yeast rolls! Can you post the recipe?

    Hopefully I can meet you at the book signing in Atlanta this month.

  3. Oh man. These apple recipes have been haunting me all week. Forget the diet, I think I’ll have to break down and make some of the fritters this weekend. Maybe a half batch! 😉

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