Biscuit Class – Classic 3 Ingredient Biscuits

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Good Morning! Last weekend I got together with a few of my friends who claimed they couldn’t make good biscuits and taught them how to make three different kinds! Everyone’s biscuits turned out beautifully and the great news is that my husband recorded the whole thing so I can bring my Biscuit Classes here to you, as well.

This is the first time we’ve done something like this so there are kinks to work out, of course, but I think this first effort turned out pretty good. We hope to purchase another camera before recording the next series of classes, so you can see my friends off camera more throughout the class. All in all, I think the video makes you feel like you are there, which, for me, is the next best thing to actually having you there :).

Thank you so much for watching and please comment below if you found this video helpful. I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the positive feedback on my “Answering Questions” series of videos and your comments and encouragement have been directly responsible for me doing more!

The links to recipes mentioned in this video can be found below. There is an ad that plays before the video (sometimes) in order to help fund a second camera :). Thanks for your understanding and support!

Recipes Mentioned In This Video:

More photos from this filming can be found on my Instagram (click here).

biscuit class

Stay tuned for more videos from my Biscuit class! Before we’re done I’ll teach you how to make every biscuit shown on this table (yup, they’re all biscuits!). Next time, we’re going to bring a real camera with us, too 🙂

beautiful biscuitsClassic 3 Ingredient Biscuits as taught in the video on this post.


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  1. I loved your video. I’ve been trying to make the biscuit recipe on the back of the White Lily Flour bag, but I never put the biscuits on the pan touching each other. That’s probably why mine didn’t rise that much. I’m not giving up – I’m going to keep trying to make biscuits until I get it right!

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