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Numbers 35-36 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Numbers 35-36 Rabbit TrailsWe finish Numbers today!🌿Some of these passages we read today will go on to be quoted by judges and noted historical figures as the reason why two or more witnesses are required to condemn a person for a crime. Much of our judicial system was originally founded on Biblical principles.🌿It ... Continue Reading

Numbers 33-34

  GOOD MORNING, SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Numbers 33-34 Moses wrote down their starting places, stage by stage, by command of YHWH, and these are their stages according to their starting places. Numbers 33:2The people were taking two journeys in these books. They were on a physical journey and a spiritual journey.YHWH's plan was for them to make progress in both journeys ... Continue Reading

Tie Dyed Cheesecake Brownies

I first started making Tie Dyed Cheesecake brownies when my son was in elementary school, over ten years ago. With just a few gel food colors, I could always impress him with brownies to match any occasion! Over the years I've made them in Minecraft colors, Dr Who colors (it is possible), and more. Today I'm showing you a beautiful blue color combination that is perfect for Frozen fans, any winter ... Continue Reading

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix – So good!

I brought this recipe home to my mother when I was a first grader at Lincoln Elementary School in Huntsville, AL. Our teacher, Mrs. Menotti, let us make it in class and then printed out copies for each student to keep. Every time we even mention it now Mama always stops and says "That is the best hot chocolate I've ever had." It is the creamiest, milkiest, chocolatiest hot chocolate mix you'll ... Continue Reading

Numbers 31-32 Deep Diving Bible Study

 Good Morning, Siblings!  Today's readings are Numbers 31-32 🌿Today we open with what we are told is to be Moses' last mission for the Father. We will hear more from Him as He authored Deuteronomy as well. The Father tells him to raise up an army, one thousand from each tribe, to go against Midian in order to avenge Israel because of Midian's efforts (and success) in ... Continue Reading

Meal Plan Monday #191 Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome WELCOME TO THE THANKSGIVING EDITION OF MEAL PLAN MONDAY! Home cooks everywhere look forward to this special day where we prepare time honored dishes and gather together with the people we hold most dear. The entire Meal Plan Monday family is pulling out all the stops in this week's edition, in order to bring you the best of the best from our tables to yours. Grab a fork and get your ... Continue Reading

Numbers 28-30 Deep Diving Bible Study

  Good Morning ! Today's readings are Numbers 28-30 Today the rabbit trails are split. I've written some and some are shared by our brother, Wayne Scott, from the Front Porch Fellowship Admin team. Wayne's Rabbits🌿 At this time Israel is preparing to enter into Canaan to possess the land.🌿In these 3 chapters the required offerings for "the moadem" (the ... Continue Reading

Numbers 26-27 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Numbers 26-27  Debbie Ingle is still standing in for me while I get ahead on other Bible notes, thank you, Debbie! Debbie's Rabbits🌿Numbers 26 can be one of those chapters that we used to want to breeze through...that is until we learned to dive into The Word deeply.  It is the ledger of another census of all ... Continue Reading

Copycat Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

Growing up, Mama always let us choose the menu for a special meal on our birthdays. Fried Apples were always on my list. This is how she made them and these are a striking twin to the fried apples you get at Cracker Barrel. We like to have them with our holiday meals, too. They are an excellent Thanksgiving side! You will need: Apples (Golden Delicious), Apple Juice, Sugar, Corn Starch, ... Continue Reading

Friday Gazette: Thanksgiving Prep, Encouraging News, Live Chat, Quotes to Inspire, Giveaway, & More!

Good Morning! I have some wonderful things in store for you in this week's Gazette! If you are a person of faith, I hope you'll enjoy my coffee chat. I talked over some serious heart matters with regards to Bible study and life as a believer, including tips on how to navigate some tricky waters! I've found some WONDERFUL recipes from friends and am sharing a few of my own as well. This issue has ... Continue Reading