Fun Meals & More With Frozen Bread Dough

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Fun meals and more with frozen bread dough!

If you haven’t been following me on the Southern Plate Family Facebook page you may be wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a few days. I have a good excuse, honest. I just got home from a little road trip to Savannah, Georgia, where I spent a day filming with Miss Paula Deen. I’ll be in an upcoming episode of her “Paula’s Best Dishes” show on the food network. We had a wonderful time together and I have to tell you, that is one hard working lady and as good hearted as the day is long. She actually left her house before we did to fly to New York and host the Today Show the next day!

I can’t post pictures until I have permission from the Food Network but I’ll be telling you more about my time filming and cooking with Miss Paula in an upcoming post.

Yesterday Susan Hatcher asked on Facebook: Help me out on bread dough. I bought some frozen from Kroger for the first time and don’t have a clue what to do with it.

Well boy howdee Susan, do I ever have a post for you! I have a lot of fun with frozen bread dough and post some of my favorite recipes using it on Southern Plate from time to time. I have tons more I’ll post over the next few years but today I wanted to bring you (and Susan) a compilation post of all of the great Frozen Bread Dough posts on Southern Plate so far.

This convenient wonder can help you turn out beautiful kitchen creations for dinner, dessert, and beyond in no time flat! Enjoy!

Stuffed Pizza Sticks

Stuffed Pizza Sticks

These are delicious as a snack or even a fun meal for your family! Customize them to your own family’s tastes.

Homemade Cinnabuns

Homemade Cinnabuns – The Easy Way!

You could pretty much control the world if you kept these babies coming, warm from the oven and slathered in cinnamon cream cheese icing.

Baked Sandwiches

Baked Sandwiches

Another easily customizable recipe with a gorgeous outcome!

Love Knots

Cinnamon Love Knots

Half dinner roll, half sweet cinnamon treat, these are one of my fun favorites to make with the kids.

King Cake

Super Easy King Cake

Not in a Mardis Gras mood? Just ditch the sprinkles and you have a DELICIOUS cream cheese filled coffee cake ring.

I have many more recipes using frozen bread dough but these will get you off to a great start. Subscribe by email to never miss a single recipe and be sure and join us over on Facebook to keep up with day to day happenings. As soon as I have permission to post photos from my visit with Paula I’ll let ya know!

Stay tuned for the Air Date. You’ll know as soon as I do!



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― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I am so excited! I am stationed in Turkey and we can never find anything we need here at our local commissary, but today I actually found the Rhodes frozen bread dough! I bought as much as I though would fit in my tiny little freezer with the rest of my food and can’t wait to try out some of the recipes!

  2. If you are having trouble rolling out the dough, use cooking spray or oil instead of flour on your work surface. Also the dough should be room temp, not cold at all. If it’s cold it’ll fight ya more. I roll it out as far as it’ll go, then cover with some plastic wrap. I come back and finish rolling it out 10-15 minutes later. Sure beats fighting with it!

  3. What a great response to that comment Christy!!!

    I love your recipes….As a southern girl we seem to cook a lot alike! It’s all about flavor and love here in the South!

    Can’t wait to try these frozen bread dough recipes. They are a staple in my freezer.

  4. If what I said was considered “ugly” then I do humbly apologize, but I stand behind what I was trying to convey. Besides that..this is not a blog to take shots at each other nor is it a site to chastise grown folks. It is all about good food and sharing some wonderful lessons dealing with life. I enjoy the recipes and I love to hear family stories. I DO NOT come here to get into cat fights…waaaay tooo old for that. And….just for the record….Sandra was not asking about Christy’s health…she was referring to the ingredients in Christy’s recipes which in my opinion are wonderful!!!! As Forrest would say…and that’s all I got to say about that.

    1. ~passes around big old glasses of sweet tea with cool water droplets slowly sliding down the sides and follows those with a basket of hot biscuits, bowl of honey, and freshly churned butter~

      Now I reckon we’re all good all around!

      ~grins happily~

      Love you all 🙂

        1. Make that chocolate gravy with them good ole biscuits, and you’re on!!!! A big tall glass of cold sweet milk would not be turned down either!! Lord have mercy…my lips are smacking!!! God bless you, Christy. So proud of you.

          1. Y’all are all sweet. A little backstory, Sandra is a regular and has been since she discovered me almost four years ago. She regularly emails me to attack and insult myself, my husband, and even my kids. She’s wished all manner of diseases upon me and my family and her emails are the most vicious I’ve ever read, much less received. They are so regular that once, when I hadn’t heard from her in a few months, I actually got to worrying about her and emailed to check and see that she was okay! Fortunately, she was.
            No telling what she’s been through in her life but I know she could surely use some kindness and prayers so that is what I try to offer her.

          2. Usually people that act like that ARE going through something – although it’s still no excuse to be sending you insulting emails. Maybe you might want to consider blocking her emails?
            Hopefully your kindness back to her will soften her heart and stand out to her as an example of what it’s like to go through life with love in your heart instead of hate and contempt.
            For Sandra: “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”
            ~Hubert H. Humphrey
            For Christy: “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”
            ~Marianne Williamson
            (And you are certainly making your contribution:)

  5. Puhleese ladies…Sandra only asked if Christy considered her health!!! She made no ugly remarks unlike some of you, who suggested she not visit the site. Christy handled the query with typical southern tact and grace…leave it alone.

  6. Hi Christy! I’ve never posted before but have followed your website for a bit over a year. I love your stories and your real, honest recipes. They are tried and true and nourish the soul just as much as the body.

    Anyway, I just felt compelled to post because of Sandra’s snarky post. Obviously she doesn’t follow your site much because you often post healthier dishes or ways to lighten a recipe. Life is all about moderation and staying active. People ate this food for hundreds of years without obesity. Obesity is due to fast food, processed foods, and video games. Eating a piece of cake won’t kill you. I could be hit by a truck tomorrow and I’m not wasting my life by nibbling carrot sticks!

    I love your blog, your book, and your personality. You’re a true class act!

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