Green Eggs & Ham

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Reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.


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Story Time Videos Southern Plate

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  1. Love the stories, have read all of them so many times while babysitting for cousins and other peoples kids (expensive babysitting back them at $0.50 an hour). Those poor books were so dog eared and eventually literally fell apart!

    Have you ever read The Little Prince, I found it on Amazon for the Kindle first, but they also have hard back copies too. I think I have it on my Kindle and can share if you would like it.

  2. My daughter and I really enjoy watching your stories. It is a nice treat for me when I am too tired to do story time!

  3. The students in my classroom enjoyed having you read this book to them. We watched the video on our SmartBoard during the celebration of Dr. Suess’ birthday. Thank you! Kindergarteners in Mrs. Hubbard’s Classroom, Global Learning Academy, Pensacola, FL.

  4. I made my version of “Green Eggs and Ham” for breakfast (wilted spinach in scrambled eggs with a side of ham ~ Sneaky, sneaky!!!) and could not find our book anywhere! I was thrilled to run across your reading this afternoon. My kids LOVED it! Thanks for bailing me out!

  5. My 4 yr old loved the videos, just happened to remember to play them while I was home. I can see her asking to listen to them alot. She was waving and dancing and having a great time. Her favorite book I read all the time is Pajama Time. I read it as if it was a song and she LOVES it! She has it memorized and I catch her reading/singing it all the time. She loved the Pet the cat and I cant get the song out of my head, LOVE IT! Keep them coming

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