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This is not a sponsored post from Hello Fresh.  This review is based on my own experience.

Hello Fresh Box

In this post I’ll answer:

  • How does HelloFresh work?
  • Are the ingredients really fresh?
  • Are the portions generous or skimpy?
  • Are the recipes family friendly?
  • Is this a good service for people who already cook regularly?
  • Do I have to know how to cook?

You may remember a couple months ago I posted a Hello Fresh Louisiana Red Beans and Rice dish that was delicious.  But I just recently found out that I could share a coupon for y’all to get $70.00 towards your first order. (Scroll to the bottom of the post to find the offer). Most times my orders for two people total 45-55.00 for 6 servings (three meals with 2 servings each) but there is an option to order additional servings.

If you cook dinner for yourself or your family this can be a fun way to decrease your time spent at the grocery store and still get some wonderful fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious meal.   

Hello Fresh meal bags

This is an example of how the bags of ingredients look.

I was a bit skeptical…

When I first started, I was curious to see if this subscription service would be worthwhile or just be a drain on the budget. I was surprised to find a very fresh meal experience with several unique aspects that are personally appealing and may help any busy parent or anyone wanting to avoid or decrease spending time in the grocery store.  You could even send to love ones that can still prepare their own meals but can’t get out much to grocery shop.

After opening up the box I really liked how everything is organized into individual meal boxes. I didn’t have to do inventory or try to sort everything according to meal. I can just put these in my refrigerator and grab the box I need when it’s time to cook that particular meal.

Note: The fresh meat is stored in between two solid ice packs underneath these boxes but I am including it with the box ingredients photos below.

Here is a look at all the ingredients inside one of my Hello Fresh ingredient bags for …

hello fresh ginger stir fry

Hello Fresh  Ginger Stir Fry

  • How does Hello Fresh work?

Visit HelloFresh.com, Create an account and choose your plan. The website walks you through everything else. There is no time commitment or minimum number of deliveries, you can cancel at any time by clicking your name, settings, and then scrolling down and clicking “cancel my subscription”. Simple as that.  

Your meal box is delivered at a date you choose, ingredients are separated into different bags, and a full color recipe card is included with photos and instructions of the simple steps and the full recipe.

A photo of one of the meals I made a few weeks ago: juicy pork burgers Juicy Apple Pork Burgers with Rosemary Potatoes and Green Salad

  • Are the ingredients really fresh?

Everything I received was well chilled and as fresh as it could possibly be, actually fresher quality than if I had of picked it up from a local grocery. Just make sure you get it the day that it is sent to avoid it sitting around.   I forgot to pick mine up from the PO Box and it sat in there for almost 2.5 days.  Even considering that, I was still able to use it and it was relatively fresh,  That time I had ordered vegetarian dishes so I didn’t have to worry about any meat sitting out.   To avoid any issue however, go on and grab it as soon as you can.

Whenever I pick my order up the same day it comes in, the salad greens are crisp and perfect, the fruits and veggies are firm and without the slightest blemish, and ingredients like onions looked freshly picked.  When I order meals with it arrives well chilled and vacuum sealed, positioned between two layers of packaged ice.

Are the portions generous or skimpy?

It really depends on your appetite but for my 22 year old son (when he comes to visit his mama) and I and occasionally a guest or two  I have found portions to be just fine.  If you are trying to watch your weight and trying to avoid going for seconds or thirds, this is a good way to keep your portion sizes standard.

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

The Red Beans and Rice Dish I made in my first order.

  • Are the recipes family friendly?

I have some picky eaters in my house as well and I found these meals to be pretty family friendly, using fresh ingredients with tasty flavor combinations. As a result, I’m delighted to have some new favorite recipes to add to the weekly rotation.

  • Is Hello Fresh a good service for people who already cook regularly?

I cook supper just about every night of the week, and often cook breakfast and lunch as well. I think most home cooks will admit to getting into a rut from time to time and these meal boxes are the perfect way to jazz things up a bit, discover new recipes, and not have to buy larger quantities of ingredients you may not end up using later.  Each week there is at least one of the three meals received that I plan on adding to my recipes.  I can also make the same recipe with a different cut of meat for variety as well.

hello fresh recipe

  • Do I have to know how to cook?

This is an excellent option for cooks of all levels thanks to the clear photos and simple instructions. The recipe cards are well written and fully disclose all measurements and ingredients so you can easily go to your local grocery and duplicate the dish exactly. Steps are simple, straightforward, and in very few steps. I was able to make each meal, start to finish, in about thirty minutes.

In summary: This is an excellent option for eating in and not having to spend so much time in the grocery store.  It’s a great way to try out new recipes and add new found favorites to your family recipe files. The food is fresh. The servings are normal size. The recipes are simple to make and laid out in just a few easy steps.  And I love the recipe cards because they are laid out so that you can easily make them again if you like.

We had a resounding response to the offer below.  I just received an email that all offers have been used up.  Southern Plate will be able to donate 10 boxes of fresh food to 10 families in need!!!

REFERRAL CODE  No LONGER Available due the kindness of Southern Plate subscribers!


SEE ABOVE!  Southern Plate Subscribers came through!  I only wish Hello Fresh would have allowed more offers.  

If you choose to take advantage of this 70.00 offer Southern Plate will receive a small affiliate fee.  All of this affiliate fee will be directed to a charity to be determined (and I will post it here) to help those in need of food.  Times are hard for many and Southern Plate wants to help.  If you have any suggestions for a charity that can provide fresh food to families in need please email me at contact@southernplate.com to give me details.

I can’t guarantee what your experience will be but just wanted to share mine with you.  And if we can help some families struggling as well then I believe that we are doing the Lord’s work.

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