Recipes For Strawberry Desserts

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Strawberries are everywhere and everyone is always looking for a good dessert so it’s a great time to bring you some delicious recipes for strawberry desserts that will get you as excited as a dog waggin’ two tails!

recipes for strawberry desserts

Don’t you just love strawberries?!  I remember as a kid going and pickin’ strawberries from the farms about an hours drive from our house.  It was always so fun to fill our baskets and eat the rations we were allowed after the day in the hot summer’s sun was over.  The rest of the strawberries were of course used for desserts like those below.  Just click on the highlighted text to get to each recipe post.

This fun Strawberry Ice Cream Pie turns an ordinary night into an impromptu ice cream social and would be a fun addition to your weekend. 🙂 The kids and adults alike love it and look forward to it on those sweltering days when you just need little something to help cool off. 

fresh strawberry cake

Fresh Strawberry Cake is my mother’s favorite and a guaranteed showstopper. I mean look at this y’all.

cream cheese strawberry cobbler

There are some things in life that just have to be experienced and one of them is this scrumptious Cream Cheese Strawberry Cobbler.

fresh strawberry pie

If any of you have ever had the strawberry pie at Shoney’s or Big Boy restaurants, this is likely looking pretty darn familiar. As well it should because it is very similar to that pie – only better.  Check out our Fresh Strawberry Pie.

strawberry punch bowl cake

You may recognize this as a strawberry trifle but in my neck of the woods we call them strawberry punch bowl cakes. And most folks I personally know keep a pretty glass bowl on standby just to be able to show off one of these delicious creations.

A few years  back, when I first took notice of these beautiful fresh strawberry cakes at Sam’s, I bought one and fell in love. The cake is a simple one, nothing fancy, but the magic happens in the icing and topping.  So here you go.  Can’t wait til you make Southern Plate’s version of That Strawberry Cake.

strawberry cream pie

How about this glorious strawberry cream pie…Oh MY!  Think cheese cake and strawberries combined and you will have this match made in heaven!

scoop of strawberry cobbler

Mama’s Strawberry Cobbler is delicious by itself, with ice cream, or with whipped topping.  My granddaddy added a little bit of sweet milk*over his.  Just serve it however suits your fancy and your insides will be tickled pink!

Hope some of these brought back some wonderful memories and will make some new memories for your family as well.

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  1. Strawberries are super cheap this week and so sweet right now too. Perfect timing for this collection to be shared. I cannot wait to decide which to make right away!

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