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  1. Anonymous says

    Yummy yummy. I remember these from Girl Guides.

    FYI, these can be made on a campfire too, with some modifications. Lay out one sheet of tin foil, lay a piece of wet newspaper on that, and then put down another layer of foil. Put everything in as usual, and place it in the fire. The newspaper acts as an insulator, so everything cooks but doesn’t get all burnt. Just thought you’d want to know, in case you’re headed to the woods!

  2. Southern Plate says

    I knew about the campfire thing (SCAdian days) but the newspaper – I’ve never heard that before and ITS BRILLIANT!!!
    You have just forever changed my campfire cooking! Thank you so much!!!

  3. fa1921 says

    I used to make these all the time in Boy Scouts, they were called silver turtles. But as of late, we now know that cooking with aluminum foil causes severe long-term mental defects, namely alzheimers, just bear that in mind while you still can…

  4. Southern Plate says

    Thank you for that information! I’m sure readers will find it very interesting, especially when they have time to view leading opinions on both sides of the issue. In the interest of fairness, here is an excerpt from an article in The Washington Post:

    The suspicion of a relationship between aluminum and (take your choice) Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s or Parkinson’s disease has been floating around for about 20 years. The brains of some Alzheimer’s patients have been found to contain abnormally high concentrations of aluminum, but nobody knows whether that is a cause of the disease or a result of it.

    Because Alzheimer’s is a chronic disease that develops over a long period of time, the long-term ingestion of aluminum in drinking water, which is relatively easy to monitor, should be a logical way to search for a correlation. And yet, epidemiological attempts to link aluminum in drinking water with Alzheimer’s disease have been either inconclusive or contradictory.

    There is little doubt that whatever aluminum leaks into our foods from cookware is a small fraction of the aluminum we ingest through normal eating, drinking and breathing on our aluminum- pervaded planet.

    The full article can be found here:

    Have a great day!

  5. sjs says

    Hi there.:) I used to make this for the grill but I never put hamburger in it. I will have to try that.:) By the way I made your Pizza rolls and they were a big hit. I made them on Sunday. I only had a little bit left.:) Thanks bunches for all your hard work.:)

  6. Southern Plate says

    Hey Sharon! Thank you!! You know there is one very bad thing about pizza rolls, every time someone mentions them I get hungry for them all over again!
    I’m so glad you tried them! That is one of my top recipes that I wish I could serve everyone just so they would know how easy and good they are!

    Thank you for letting me know!!!!

  7. Donna in VA says

    This sounds awesome! I always have the hardest time trying to cook for one person. But this is great. I could make several of these and just throw one in the oven when I get home from work. I’m excited!

    I’m also excited because my goomba self finally figured out how to add your little Blog Carnival image to my sidebar. I’m learning. Baby steps.

  8. Lisa says

    Well, Christy, I came across your site today and have spent at least a couple of hours making myself hungry by clicking on almost everything!! I, too, am a Southern girl!! I was born and mostly raised here in North Alabama. I have been back in North Alabama for the past 10 years. I am in Madison–just outside of Huntsville. Where in Alabama do you live?

  9. Southern Plate says

    Donna Hey! These are great for just one! I took my last one this morning (the things we eat for breakfast when the kids are gone!) and popped it in the oven. It was just as good, if not better than when they were first cooked, I’m happy to report!

    As for your goomba self, oh lord I’m right there with you sister! I’m in the middle of a blog redesign and some days I just almost don’t want to get out of bed thinking about it. Thank goodness I found this wonderful person, Iris, who is taking the brunt of it on! She emails me with questions about my preferences, then I show the questions to my husband and he tells me what my preferences are, then I email them back to her!

    Lisa Howdy, Neighbor! I graduated from Bob Jones! LOL
    Husband is an engineer, so you know he works in Huntsville!!! How did you find me? I’m so glad you did!!! Give me a holler when you get a chance!

  10. citycowboy says

    Howdy Christy,

    This is something I can definitely make when Iam in a hurry and want to get supper ready in no time. Just a question: Would this work using the frozen hamburger patties or do you prefer the fresh made patties better? Since I work wierd hours at times, and I usually have the premade patties in the freezer for burger and fries night, this would help

  11. Southern Plate says

    Hey Hayley (I love your name!) Thank you!! It sure is easy!!

    City Cowboy Yup! Use those frozen puppies and don’t think a second thought about it! You don’t even have to thaw them, just make your hobo packets and put them in the oven while it is preheating and you’re good to go!!!

    Stephanie I never got to be a girl scout ~sighs sadly~ I always wanted to but whenever a troop would form the leader always flaked out on us. I had the uniform and everything ~lip tremble~.
    OOH and award??????????????? I’m going there now!!!! THank you!! I am working on a page just for my awards, which is why they aren’t showing up right now! MEGA web redesign in the works……THANKYOU!
    Christy 😀

  12. kingsqueen says

    Oh we make these too! I do them just a *wee* bit different, but basically the same. They are yummy and my family always loves them. I think I usually set mine to cook for about an hour.
    I tried your method for with the biscuits for my chicken and dumplings the other night and it was just as I thought – SO much easier and less messy!

  13. Carl Weaver says

    Oh my word! This brought back memories of freezing while camping and having something to warm my hands with. Those Boy Scout days gave me a good appreciation for good, simple meals like this. Delicious stuff.

  14. Southern Plate says

    Hey Tomato Lady Thank you! I’m working my way up to a swan!! 🙂

    Escoofield Hey, thank you! Let me know how it turns out! I visited your blog just this morning! Thanks for that!

    Recipegirl Hey! Yes, my youngest just puts a few carrots in her packet but she feels like the master chef when she does!

    Kingsqueen Yes, it does take about an hour for me, too. Can you believe there are actually recipes that say twenty minutes? Worries me that someone might eat them after that time!

    Oh you tried Chicken and Dumplings, YAY!!! I’m so glad you liked them!!! I could just live on the things but I especially love them when my Mama makes them for me!

    Liane YAY! I’m so glad you liked them and thank you so much for letting me know!!!! You are SO SWEET!!!!
    I just love all of y’all, honestly!!!!

    Carl Oh Carl, you are a man who knows what you are talking about!! Makes me think of SCA days. Even though you are freezing, its so neat being around a campfire at night. Peaceful and exciting at the same time.
    I am still holding out hope that we will be able to wear long sleeves soon. Hope your fall is in full swing!!!

    Thank you all so very much for reading Southern Plate and for taking the time to comment!!!


  15. Anonymous says

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    Eric carlson pedofied me behind prison walls and then framed me as a pedophile on march 26th 2007, I caught the crime on a audio recorder I put in Joan’s purse.
    there were people in authority helping them with this and nobody in authority will help they pretend nothing happened and refuse to investigate this.
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    My Family is in danger from these people and I have no other recorse but to make these charges public.
    My name is Terry Wagar,Im from portland oregon and Im backing up these charges.

  16. kathleen says

    Christy –
    My Mama-in-law had taught these to her kids, I learned them in Girl Scouts (like so many others!) – but neither of us had ever heard them called Hobo Packets…….. for whatever reason it makes my daughters Crack Up!!!

    Thanks for your fun ideas.

  17. Shreela says

    I was in Girl Scouts, and even went to a few Girl Scout camps during summer. But I didn’t learn about these until hubby explained what his sister learned to make at home ec when she was a young teen. My Girl Scout pack had two girls competing with each other for badges, and we had sleep overs with pajama fashion show contests. So maybe you didn’t miss much, because my memories of Girl Scouts is kind of lame.

    Dale’s Seasonings looks slightly familiar, but I can’t remember why. I only use salt and pepper (a lot of that) on our packets.

    Thanks to the first anonymous commenter about how to cook these in fire; I figured there had to be a way to make these in the fireplace, but was scared of making a smokey, burnt mess.

  18. erisraven says

    Heya, Christy –
    Wow, you cook great, and you used to SCA too? What events did you do? It’s been years since I’ve been, but I still miss it…
    Love your blog, and I’m gonna try these too.
    If you look on Reynolds Wrap, the individual sheets packages have a lot of these style recipes on them.
    I like mine with whole mushrooms in!

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