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Saw your tweet … boy this sure sounds good right now!


oh my that looks fabulous! i want to try it!


I make something similar by using green tea bags! Will have to give this a try and see how it compares to my version, I bet both of them are good, LOL!


Yep, I made some of this with green tea actually, it worked great!

Linda C

as a northener (NY) moving to Virginia was surely shocking never had grits ,didnt even know what sweet tea was and those biscuits oh my ,well Christy after many years living down here and raising a family I can honestly say that I have become a very good
” southern italian cook ” .I love your recipes and thanks for helping me transition from the stoop to a front porch rocker thanks Linda .

Alta F

I like this new recipe! I have chocolate mint tea growing in a pot, I will try it and see if it turns out great. Thanks!


I just made some of the tea. It tastes great but is it suppose to be cloudy?

Susan Calhoun

This looks nice and refreshing. A friend gave me mint years ago and I put it along my fence line in an area I don’t care if it takes over. I have used it to make mint simple syrup for mint jeulips. I used the leftover to sweeten tea but this kicks it up a notch for sure.


Sometime in the last century (l love to say that) whilst I was growing up in central Florida my mama made this yummy stuff. The only difference was we used fresh oj from the trees in the back yard. It sure is good stuff.

Barbara Miller



5 stars
I have been drinking this my whole life. I love it. Never knew what it was called. My mom is French and I used to think she “created” this tea concoction. Guess I was incorrect. The only difference is that we also included one or two Red Zinger tea bags. I just made a batch last night. Sipping as I type. 🙂