Meal Plan Monday #45

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Welcome to another great edition of Meal Plan Monday! Were you able to find some great meal ideas last week? I know that we loved the recipes that everyone added!

This week’s featured recipes from last week’s link-up are “The Perfect Breakfast” from Just One Donna and “Southern Style Coleslaw” from Cooking with K!

Meal Plan Monday

Featured Host Recipe this week, “Homemade S’more Poptarts” from Big Bear’s Wife.

Homemade S'mores Poptarts (6)


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  1. Dear Christy – I’ve been trying to cut down on my screentime, but your blog is so helpful it’s one I think I will always follow.
    Thanks! and have a great week 🙂

  2. Hi Christy I don’t know if it is my computer playing up but it is not allowing me to showing more than two recipes for meal plan Monday? Is there a problem? Love getting your recipes in my emails, i have not made something new for awhile I will have to motivate myself god bless from Judi

  3. Hi Christy,
    Thank for sending the VIP recipe. I can’t wait to try this pie. We are having some really hot weather in Sydney Australia so I will have to wait for a cool spell. We love chocolate in our house so this recipe will be a huge hit. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Thanks again

  4. Mmm, that breakfast looks great. Wish someone would make it for me right about now, lol. Thanks for hosting, Christy! Have a wonderful weekend.

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