Pork Chop Biscuits – Fast Food My Way

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With few exceptions, I don’t care for fast food. Fast food has no heart to it. Someone gets paid minimum wage to slap a microscopic meat patty on a bun and lower some fries in oil, add in a coke and charge $5. Voila, here’s your meal. Toss in a toy or small bag of cookies and you may get my kid’s attention but I’m still eating it just because I have to due to whatever appointment has placed a restraint on my cooking time.

Most times though when evenings come around that I know are going to involve a lot of shuffling kids about, leaving us with precious little time to sit down at the table and eat a real meal, I try to make fast food at home. There are any number of things which make good portable meals but for Southerners, the ultimate fast food is somethin’ on a biscuit!

When my grandmother was a little girl, they always had biscuit sandwiches in their lunch pails. Grandmama said they used to be embarrassed that all of the other kids had loaf bread sandwiches, but my great grandmother always made sure their biscuits were fresh and filled with something good. Most folk’s don’t think of eating biscuits outside of breakfast but in my mind they make the perfect loaf bread substitutes.

The fillings are limitless but today I’m going to bring you a quick and easy way to fry up a pork chop for pork chop biscuits, or “Poke Chop” as we say. We have these for breakfast most of the time but this past week when I found out Richard was running late from work, Katy had ballet, and Brady still had homework to do, I thought this would be the perfect occasion for a little supper of pork chop biscuits as not a one of us had time to sit down that night!

If you like, pair it with an apple or banana. It may be simple, but I promise it will be good and filling, too. Don’t just think of these for quickie meals, though. Why not serve up some pork chop biscuits along with fresh fried corn and some green beans for dinner?

It’ll be a heck of a lot better tasting than anything a drive through has to offer.


You’ll need: Oil, flour, salt, pepper, and pork chops.

Whatever flour you have on hand is fine for breading, all purpose or self rising. I usually only buy pork chops when they are on sale and then freeze them to use for these or some of my other pork chop dishes. Mama buys whole pork tenderloin when it goes on sale for $1.99 a pound and has it cut into thin chops (Breakfast chops) and then freezes them in individual bags of about four per bag. This actually ends up being cheaper than bacon!


On a plate, stir up a little flour, salt, and pepper.

Start with about a cup of flour and add about a teaspoon each of salt and pepper but feel free to do this to your personal taste. You can always use season all if you prefer and just mix it in with the flour.

See this plate? I’ve been wanting to tell  y’all about these! This is the pattern of dishes that we ate on growing up.

Most of you know that my mother raised me collecting antiques (I want to do a post just on my antique dishes here soon) and she always collected the dishes and glassware that she remembered her grandmother and mother using as a child. When we found out we were getting the new house, the thing I was most excited about (of course!) was the kitchen. It dawned on me one day though, that all of the antique dishes and things I had been collecting to use in my kitchen were actually things from my Mother’s childhood instead of my own! I always looked for the patterns and lines because it was what I was used to looking for with Mama.

So I decided that I’d like to have the dishes from my childhood also. Now when we ate at two places growing up: Mama’s and Grandmama’s. We hardly ever ate out. I remember once we won dinner for four at McDonald’s in some type of giveaway and actually had our picture made out front because we were so excited!

So most of my dinner memories include eating off of either my Mama’s or my Grandmama’s dishes. I got to Ebayin’ a while back and I now have a complete set of these dishes which my mother had and an almost complete set of my Grandmother’s pattern as well.

I thought it would be so neat to alternate between their patterns and my own. When I chose my pattern, I knew it would be the dishes my kid’s remembered most so I chose a pattern that was bright and colorful and happy looking. Now, we have three complete sets of dishes and with each one, a flood of memories to talk about over the dinner table. Brady already likes to ask “Whose dishes are we eating on tonight?” and “Tell me again what kind of food you used to eat when you were little.”

I’m so fortunate to have kids who love to hear the stories that come to mind.


Pour a little bit of oil in your skillet. Just put about 1/3 of a cup or so.

You just need it to cover the bottom. Turn the heat up to medium to allow the oil to warm while you prepare your pork chops.


Press each side of the pork chop down into the flour.


Like so 🙂

We’re having our first dinner guests in the new house next week. I’m so excited! I hope to have weekly dinner guests and I’m going to post what I serve here and how I organized it so I can spend the most time with our guests and the least time in the kitchen once they get here. Corn is still on sale in these parts and it’s so sweet. Our guests are originally from Texas so I’m planning a big old meal of “country food” since I know they can appreciate the good stuff!

The house is no where near ready for company but Trish and her family are good friends so I know they are coming to see us and not to judge my decorating skills. We still have sheets over most of the windows! ~laughs~ It’s amazing how you think you have everything you need and then get a bigger house and seem to be starting from scratch. We have three times as many windows as before, an extra bathroom, and all of these empty walls just aching for something to be hung on them. Poor dears, they’re gonna have to ache a bit longer. I’ve been so busy with end of the year school activities that boxes still sit unpacked in just about every room. I’ve told the fam though, this may just have to wait til school lets out before we can get our act together!

As I write this up, its almost eleven p.m. on Sunday night. Tomorrow I’m heading out early to take Katy to my mother’s (an hour away) so I can work at field day at Brady’s school all day. Then its another hour there and back to get Katy and head home. We’ll leave here around six thirty and get back around five. So if y’all don’t hear from me on any comments that’s why!

Please comment though, I just LOVE getting comments! ~does the happy comment dance~


Place them in the hot oil and cook on medium to medium high heat until browned on both sides and cooked through. This doesn’t take very long.


Kinda like this. You can get them more browned if you like but we had to get out the door!

These are some homemade biscuits I whipped up but these do just as well on canned biscuits if you prefer. You might want to cut your pork chops in half and serve one half on each biscuit to stretch your meat a bit more if need be.

Burger King, eat your heart out.


The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

E.E. Cummings

Submitted by Southern Plate Reader, Carol.

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  1. Dump the remaining flour, salt and pepper in the pan and stir into the oil and pork chop bits. Cook out the raw taste and add a cup of milk and make cream gravy to pour over remaining biscuits.

  2. I made these for lunch, today 🙂
    The recipe is pretty simple & easy to follow. I fried boneless chops, right out of the package, baked Pillsbury Southren Homestyle Grands and served with a side of applesauce. Full bellies & smiling faces all around! Not to mention, that fried pork chop smell that just kinda lingers for hours. Yum! I’ll absolutely be adding these to our regular meal rotation!
    Also, my adopted Mom had a ton of those plates. They’re all I can remember eating off of during my late teens. LoL! Of course, back then I never appreciated their value. Now, I wish I had me a set. I love how light weight they are!

  3. I know I am on the late show here but I was reading your post on your favorite ham salad(I am a little behind on my email) and saw the link to this post, when I was a little girl my daddy was in the navy and we were transferred at least twice a year so we lived in a trailer house and had melamime dishes they were rose pink and white and over the years they got to looking pretty bad, but my mama from North Carolina was a great southern cook and I had many a plate of fried chicken, fried okra corn on the cob black eyed peas and sliced tomatoes with corn bread. Makes my mouth water even now just to think of it.
    Sadly I grew to hate those dishes as they looked so bad and I envied my friends who ate on china , I now have corning ware dishes but love and collect china plates that I have hanging on the wall in my dining room. I especially love plates with roses on them not sure why but they call to me, I so enjoy your posts and your recipes and the memories you help to bring back to mind. Thank you so much.

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