Southern Plate Digest 1-14-11

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It’s been an odd week here in Alabama. A lot of us have experienced being snowed in for the first time in our life and I think just about everyone (in Alabama and beyond) have kept winter at bay by cooking up a storm in their kitchen!

I thought I’d compile a list of what everyone has been cooking (special thanks to all the folks who answered my question on facebook this morning to make this list easier to compile!) with link to the recipes in case you get a hankering to head in the kitchen and whip some of these up.

So, What’s Been Cooking in the Southern Plate Family?


BBQ Joint Stew

Lots of folks have made this since I posted it earlier in the week.

Rachel Wesley said:I fixed your BBQ Joint stew last night and the first word out of my husbands mouth was, ‘Wow!’ It was definately a hit.”

Banana Crumb Cake

Kelly Watson said: “I made your banana crumb cake! Since it made 2 cakes we got our snow boots on and walked the other one to our pastor and his wife (just down the block). Everyone LOVED it!”

Chicken Planks

Crock Pot Chili

Kimberly Duncan said: I made your chicken planks the other night.. Won over several northerners! 🙂 Last night we had your chili and again, Big Hit!! I’m from southern Missouri but live in Wisconsin.. My kids are constantly dragging their friends home to ‘eat real food’!! Haha!! Oh, and the Banana Crumb Cake, everyone’s new favorite!! :)”

Chicken Stew

Bama Steak Sandwiches

Celest Koncul said: “I made your chicken stew and we loved it! Had your Bama steak sandwiches last night-that has become a stand by for me.Keep em coming,please!”

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

Debbie Strum said: ” Just made the Double Chocolate Chip Muffins and OhmytheyareSOOOgood!!! I feel so content now. Gonna have to put more cocoa powder on the shopping list. You’ll have NO REGRETS making these! And trust me, they’re just as good the next morning. Well, if there are any left! Gonna splurge and have another one with some hot chocolate. Christy, no wonder yer younguns think you’re the “bestest cooker” and Mama in the whole world! DANG WOMAN! 🙂

Mama’s Hoe Cake

Mary Mounts said: I had never heard of “hoe cakes” until I saw your recipe. I’ve made it 6 straight days now and both my hubby and I love it, especially with butter in the middle. A million thank you’s Christy.

These are just a few of the recipes folks have been whipping up this week from Southern Plate. I hope you’ll visit the links and make a few of them appear on your table soon, too. Be sure to check out the Southern Plate cookbook if you haven’t already!

I’d also like to thank Melissa Herring for posting this photo, which is sooooo true! ~giggles~

Southerners Enjoyment Of Snow Over Time

(Click on photo to make it larger)

Have a wonderful Friday!



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  1. Hi Christy, thanks for all your seemingly good recipes. I honestly would like to try them, if you would only stop bashing Yankees. My mother and I are from NY, my father from Iowa, my sisters are now from Florida and Georgia, and my earlier relatives fought from both sides, the North and the South. That war, however, is OVER. Please do not denigrate the Yankees anymore. You CAN help it. You are perpetuating almost-racist sterotypes. Please stop. I would like to try your recipes if you can do this. Your “I’m just sayin’ this” is a cop out. I am a cook looking for anyting interesting from any part of the globe. Thank you.

    1. Kathleen,
      Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to leave it. I have dear friends from all over and see everyone as valuable and precious to me, no matter where they are from. I’m have no idea where you see me as bashing folks from up north so I can’t really address that but wish you all the best with this and anything else you are struggling with. Southern Plate is read by folks from all over the world and many of them contribute daily to comments and on facebook. Of course, the name is “Southern Plate” because I am a Southerner and these are the recipes I grew up with. I understand that a lot of folks don’t care too much for different cultures for whatever reason and I have no problem with that if it is directed at me or the south in general. I don’t know what shoes you walk in and I have never felt the need to judge.

      Even though you have relatives from Florida and Georgia, I know sometimes New York can seem very far in comparison. I’ve been there a few times now, though, and can assure you that hearts are the same no matter where you go. The good hearted people outnumber the others across the globe.

      P.S. I was never in that war. Hopefully, I don’t look old enough to be 🙂

  2. Freee-dommm!!…FREEE-DOMMM!!!!…Oh, Hello there! Can you tell I finally got out to the store today?!! Was able to get some more cocoa so I could make another batch of those Double Chocolate Muffins!!! Should have plenty of cocoa to make some Chocolate Gravy, too! Hope y’all have a great Southern Plate weekend!

  3. I just made my version of the Barbecue Joint Stew! SOoooo good! I added carrots and instant brown rice. Used cream corn instead of whole kernel. It thickened up and is just so yummy!

    Love Christy’s recipes because they are all so simple and just down-home country (not just Southern ~~GRIN~~) and so easy to “make your own.”

  4. I LEFT the house today!! for the first time since Sunday!! With a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I would say I was going crazy, but that happened sometime around Tuesday. Needless to say, I have had the 4 year old in the kitchen cookin’ up a storm all week. You name it, we made it. my favorite….Taco Soup, with leftover taco meat from TACO TUESDAY!!! the kids love when I set up a “taco bar” and let them stuff them. Works great with baked potatoes too!

  5. LOL…I love the one on day 4 on your chart…that’s how I feel about now!! From Bama…living in Indiana and I hateeeee snow. We are having a heat wave today…36 degrees. Expecting MORE snow first of the week. I have been baking off and on for days…the banana crumb cake is a big were the Bama Steak sandwhiches…and a whole lotta other things. Fixin bean soup with my big ole ham bone tomorrow on top of our woodstove and of course will have hoe cake with it…

  6. Christy, we’ve had a lot of snow here in Kentucky since before Christmas. My children have a half sibilng who is a 10 year old girl. With the Christmas break and lots of snow, she had been stuck inside for several days. When MY youngest came home from college for Christmas, she called her little sister and asked if she wanted to come over to the house, and before she could even get out, “. . . and bake cookies,” she said, “YES, I DON’T CARE WHAT IT IS, YES!!!!!”

    My daughter and I went and picked her up. They made cookies, played games, watched movies and she spent the night. The next morning I made your Ole’ Timey Butter Rolls for breakfast. They really enjoyed them!!!

      1. She is a sweetie. I raised her for 6 years until my ex-husband and I divorced. She still comes and spends the night with me occasionally. Long story! But I love her like my own.

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