Vlog Every Day in May Challenge

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Below you’ll find my videos for the #VEDIMCC15 challenge hosted by Cosmopolitan Cornbread. I’ll be adding new videos through the month of May in 2015. Thanks!

May 1-3.

It was a Friday and I didn’t want to video on the weekend so I did three days in one 🙂 In this one I introduce myself, answer the question of “What would you teach if you were a teacher?”, and answer the question “Are you more serious or funny?”.


May 4

In this video I answer the question “What was the last thing you won?” as well as spend a good bit of time explaining how I’m spending my week 🙂


May 5

In today’s video I answer the question “Do you know what your name means?” As well as address the issue of folks finding offense with celebrating Cinco De Mayo, among other things 🙂


May 6

In today’s video I answer the question “What is the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before going to bed?”


May 7

Today I’m joined by my mother, my daughter Katy, and my niece Elle as we answer the question “What is your favorite holiday?”


May 8

**DISCOUNT CODE*** If you would like a discount on the skirt I talk about in this video, you can purchase it at MacabiSkirts.com and use code CHRISTY7 for 10% off. This code is good for one week! Today I start off by explaining and telling about the skirts I have been wearing in response to the questions me mentioning them on my other videos have brought about. Then, I answer the question: Do you play any instruments? *Check back to see if I get us a discount code on the skirts* Here is a link to my shoes. I have already received a few emails asking about those (click here).


May 10 I

n today’s video I talk about my two phobias (among other things): One involves an unlikely winged creature and the other is an article of clothing men sometimes wear.


May 11

Today we answer the questions “What is your favorite tv show?” My answer is a little unconventional and for me, it was a life changer.


May 12

I really struggled to decide if I should post this one. “What is your most embarrassing moment?”


May 15

I join my friend Connie from CosmopolitanCornbread for today’s Vlog. We answer the question “Do you sing in the shower?” and Connie tries her first Taco from my FAVORITE Taco spot in Huntsville!


May 16

This video was made live at SoulStock in Decatur, Alabama. I answer the question “What are you plans for the rest of the summer?” and also let you know about a big road trip I’m taking with Stacey Little of SouthernBite.com, starting tomorrow! Get the details on this video as well as an email address you can use to send us your ideas for things that YOU would like us to do on this road trip! Will we run into any of y’all? Sure would be fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 18 On the road with Stacey Little of Southern Bite and Leah from Allsouth Appliance! Answering today’s question of the day: What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 20 Vlog Every Day In May Challenge. Today I vlog from Louisville, KY and answer the question “Do you know any other languages?”


May 27th

I’m pretty behind on my Vlog Every Day in May challenge but I get caught up by answering ten questions in this video!

May 30 (Apparently I’m going to have to go into June to finish my May videos)

Today I take you with me as I volunteer at my food co-op and also answer the question “What is your favorite way to stay active?”.

May 31

Tomorrow, I kick off my Vlog Every Day in June Challenge for food bloggers. Watch the video for information!

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  1. Hey Christy! I just watched all 3 of your videos and so enjoyed them! Thanks for sharing your joy, wisdom and your day with me. I’m so glad that your friend put you up to this challenge bc we truly benefit….it’s like having a cup of coffee with a good friend. xo Joanie

  2. Christy… God love you, you’re such an inspiration… I can’t even tell you! You make me feel better about myself.

    Thank you for sharing your vlogs, they are so enjoyable. I can’t wait until tomorrow. 🙂 So glad you’re finished with your book and that you have some breathing room to do the things you need to do and spend more time with your sweet family.

    How exciting… your chicks have hatched!! I know your whole family will love the little peepers when they arrive home… My late husband and I bought some un-sexed babies, oh goodness… in about 1973. It was still very cold here in Kansas so we had to set up a place in our basement to keep them under a light. My husband built some nests, roosts etc in the back of the garage and about a 10×10 yard for them outside with chicken wire on the sides and top. We had such fun with our chickens and our kids used to love to feed them etc. We had way too many roosters though and they were always causing a ruckus so some farm friends helped us “get them ready for the freezer.” Ugh! I still can’t even say it outloud… My husband ate them all, one by one, as the children and I just couldn’t bear to even take a bite! It was all I could do to prepare them for cooking…. I was so emotionally attached to them! I know that’s silly and if we were starving, I could force myself to eat a pet I guess. But only in a life or death situation… LOL!!

    I want more chickens now more than ever… but like you… for eggs only. I know you all will love the chickies and I can’t wait to hear your stories and the names you will have for all of them!

    Can’t hardly wait to see your new cookbook! I wish you all the best of luck with it and the SALES of it!!! Take care.


  3. Hey Christy I would love to know how you can your pinto beans, & other dried beans. You know, someday when you have a minute. Thank you for all you do.

  4. Christy, I am loving your challenge videos and look forward to the next one. In addition to thanking your for your wonderful recipes, thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog (and Vlog). You are truly an inspiration, not only to me but I’m sure many, many others. You are amazing! I don’t know how you get everything done and watching you and reading your stories and experiences inspires me to try to accomplish more and try to be a better person. Looking forward to the next video.

    Congratulations on the completion of your manuscript!

  5. Thanks for doing this, I am enjoying it…but what are you going to do with your rabbits ? 🙂 Did you ever think about doing like AMERICAN HOMESTEAD ? I really enjoy their videos’ and this is something that you would be good at and enjoy it too….or do you think you could give up some of your pleasures 🙂
    I would miss my bathroom, and washer & dryer & vac. but they do have power there on the homestead, so why can’t they have all that too ? I think it would be fun to go for a visit and see how they live…..they are workers that is for sure…..
    You could still do your blog 🙂 and do your gardening and canning and live off the homestead….ever give it a thought ?

    1. Ha! You know that is actually my goal and we are working towards it. We are hoping to be able to get our land in a few years and start out with a small cabin that we go to on weekends, off grid. Once the kids move out (or if they want to go with us) we hope to move there full time. I have lived (briefly) without bathrooms, washer, dryers, and all of the conveniences of electricity and I even have the start of a small solar setup already put back for things that we may deem necessary (charging a phone or computer or such) but I would happily leave my computer, phone, and even internet behind as well! I’ve already given up television and often on the weekends I step entirely away from computers and phones (I have things scheduled ahead of time for southernplate) 🙂
      Having a cabin in the mountains somewhere is a desire of my heart and I feel like it is one God has put there so I do think it will happen one day but I also think I’ll still write because that is something I’m called to do. Whether or not people read it is up to Him 🙂 I long for that rest, though. The internet beats the mess out of you somedays.
      P.S. Zack and Jamie are inspiring and really good folks. Love them!
      What do I do with my rabbits? That’s a story for another day, and perhaps another blog entirely 😉

  6. Love love love this! Thank you for sharing your heart and mind! I feel like we might be related, I got baby chicks this year for the eggs, my 2 kids each got a bunny and we love them I could just go on and on. Congrats on getting your book done, that is so neat and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Have a wonderful week!!!!!

  7. I LOVE your outlook and your perspective on character and how lacking our society has become in this area. I am blessed to have the privilege of teaching Bible classes to children of all ages in our congregation, and I, like you, hope to be a profitable servant to help counter the culture of “self first. ”
    Thanks so much for your delicious recipes. Funny that you mentioned stuffed French Toast in today’s blog; That is how I found you about a month ago 🙂

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