10 Things I Do To Save Money – I want to hear what you do, too!

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I just finished a Facebook Live about this and all the kind folks who tuned in thought this would be a good blog post so here we are! Please share your tips in the comments so we can all learn from one another. Below is the video and beneath that is my list. 


  1. When I need to stock my freezer I set aside a week and go to Sam’s club every day when they open to buy what is marked down. I come home, repackage it in foodsaver bags, label, and freeze it. By midweek I usually have a full freezer. 
  2. We eat a LOT of eggs. They are very inexpensive and really good for you. We usually have them for breakfast (if we are eating breakfast that day), and sometimes have them for snacks or even supper. I also make supper dishes with eggs as the main protein. 
  3. Dish towels instead of paper towels. I bought some dish towels at Sam’s Club, great deal, and try to use them instead of paper towels whenever possible. I keep a little swing lid trash can just for dirty dish towels and wash them whenever it gets full. 
  4. Water down the dish soap! Dish soap is really concentrated and we tend to wash a few dishes individually rather than filling up a sink with dish water. So I save my old bottle to divide up a new bottle and add 50% water. Give it a shake and let it settle and you won’t even be able to tell.
  5. Instead of eating out, whenever we crave something from a restaurant, we purchase two entrees and bring it home and divide it. There is always enough for 4-5 people and we have a LOT by not ordering everyone their own entree in a restaurant. 
  6. Cook and freeze meals for your own homemade fast food!
  7. When lifestyle and weather permit, I don’t wash my hair every day. This saves 50% or more on hair products, which can be very pricey. 
  8. Poshmark – whenever I want to buy something new such as clothing, shoes, or handbags, I shop around on Poshmark instead of in stores. Sometimes I will even go in stores, find what I want, and then start looking for it on Poshmark. I’m happy to wait until I find it for the price I’m willing to pay. One year, I got my mother over $800 of J.Jill clothing, most with tags attached, for a little over $100 using this app. It’s pretty much Ebay but for people cleaning out their closets. If you sign up and use code SOUTHERNPLATE as a referral you’ll save $10 off your first purchase and I’ll get $10 credit, too. 
  9. Wear clothing twice. Again, this is dependent on lifestyle and weather but I usually wear most things twice. I keep all of my fresh clothes on the right side of my closet and the ones I’ve worn on the left. Then, when I take something off the left side to wear I know it needs to be washed after that. This saves money on laundry and wear and tear on garments as well. 
  10. Youtube for School and learning. We homeschool and it is amazing how many tutorials you can find for different subjects on Youtube. We also recently avoided having to replace our refrigerator by finding a youtube video on how to repair it. I’m currently using an app called Duolingo to learn another language and it’s free as well. The way the app teaches is really connecting and I’m learning at a pace I never thought I could learn at! This is my Duolingo invitation code if you’d like to use it: Learn a language with me for free! Duolingo is fun, and proven to work. https://invite.duolingo.com/BDHTZTB5CWWKTNZ67SGVI4NJRY

Leave your tips and ideas in the comments, we’d love to hear from you and your inspiration can help everyone! 

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  1. I call myself very thrifty and I have learned even more ways today!!! Thank you so much for all of your tips! (I have been doing most of my own plumbing, appliance repairs, canning, etc. My grandson makes fun of me because I only pass out 1/2 paper towels at a time!! BUT I was raised in a home where eight people put their feet under the table at mealtime and HAD to save all the time!! Thank God!)

  2. I save the wax paper from cereal boxes. When making candy line pans with cereal wax paper. Also when cooking squash in microwave, place squash on this wax paper and no mess to clean up. Use the cereal box wax paper for anything that requires wax paper.
    Thanks for this subject. I do water down my shampoo, next will be dish washing soap!

  3. Christy, I enjoyed this chat more than any other I have watched. And I have watched many of them way far back. The things being shared will help us be better stewards of our blessings. I feel I have received a gift from a sister with each one I read. Thank you for dropping by. It is always a treat.

  4. I purchase the individual bottles of liquid hand soap for the kitchen and bathroom when on sale and have a coupon. I purchase the big refill bottle of hand soap when on sale plus have a coupon. I also purchased mouth wash dispensers for each bathroom and refill with the big bottles of mouthwash. I had to switch to the 3 ounce plastic cups for the bathroom because the paper ones were getting wet and causing problems- are the paper cups being made thinner or whatever?

  5. I attach a bottle sprayer to my dish soap bottle. I haven’t bought a bottle in at least 2 yrs. It squirts out just enough detergent to do dishes etc. Thank
    You for your great ideas.

      1. I have a small spray bottle with half dish soap and half vinegar that I keep under my sink. I use it to wash items I don’t want to put in the dishwasher. It work great when you spray a pan, let it soak a bit and then wash.

        1. I use vinegar and water in a spray bottle for cleaning almost everything. I also am lucky enough to hang my laundry outside all year long and only use my dryer for towels. I have a steam mop for my floors so I don’t need to use chemicals. I have a swiffer mop but am looking to see what I can use instead of the swiffer cloths. Those I currently get at the dollar store. I love all your ideas, Christy. Especially with the dish soap. I will be tryin that next. Thank you!!

  6. I use Kroger 1000 sheet toilet paper because it lasts longer. We are a big family. Other brands last 1 day per roll. I can get about 3 days with Kroger 1000 sheets.

    I hang my laundry outside to dry.

    Fill a sink with water to scrub dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. This keeps me from running the water bill up by leaving water running.

    I use everyday life lessons for homeschool to save money. My daughter learned fractions by baking and using measuring cups that make her add. Example: a recipe calls for 3/4 cup milk. I give her the 1/4 measuring cup. We use a dry erase board for visuals to help further explain. I dont need to buy expensive workbooks. We also use free online games for reading, math, typing.

      1. Hi, i shop clearance online a season behind, and a lot of places will ship for free to the store and you can return. I buy the house brand of paper goods and other things like dish soap. I have a Trader Joes and they have saved me a fortune and has introduced me to new foods. I also like taco Tuesday and happy hour discount appetizer and will often just buy a burger itself and drink water at home and avoid buying a combo. I gave up soda almost 5 years ago. I did like the meal kits because I was overbuying.

      2. Good ideas! I especially like using rags instead of paper towels! I have one of those laundry sorters with 3 mesh dividers, and I use one of those sections for my dirty kitchen towels and yard work clothes, so I can wash in hot water. I hang these outside on my clothesline!

        1. I save left over veggies in a zipper bag in the freezer. When I get a freezer bag full it’s time to throw together a stew or soup.
          I buy chicken breasts in bulk at sams, I bring them home, filet them in half and freeze them in dinner portions. I also buy pork loins and cut breakfast chops, thick dinner chops, and a roast and freeze.-way less expensive than purchasing each separately! Love all your tips – Christy and everyone here taking the time to share! Thank you so much! ~Blessings❤️

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