100 Reasons Why I’m Not A Cowgirl – August 23

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August 22

It doesn’t feel too hot to me!

So in my last post I told y’all that a sweet sweet lady was letting me borrow a portable ramp. Well the ramp is here and today we put it outside leading from the back door to the back deck, AKA my outdoor retreat that I have missed so much.

I managed to get out there one time since the accident and it was a tumultuous undertaking for everyone involved.

But today, my husband put that little ramp down.

And I held my breath and hit the forward button on my wheelchair

and rolled right on outside like it was the easiest thing in the world!

I felt like shouting. It was wonderful!

I sat out there just drinking it all in, those green trees that I love to look at, the rays of God peeking down through them (some call those sunbeams), and me out there beneath it all, nothing between me and heaven once again.

and as I closed my eyes and tilted my face up towards the sun I felt a peaceful stirring in my heart and I realized then why I had missed that so much.

This is where I am still. This is where I go when I want to remind myself …

Be still and know that I am God.

I decided to stay out there a bit.

My husband said it was really hot and humid.

It felt perfect to me.:)



Did you laugh at yourself today?

So I’ve been crocheting this afghan. Now normally I don’t stick with the crochet project very long – We’re talking maybe a tiny scarf for Katy or something- but I’ve gotten really far along with this afghan and I’m very proud of it so I was working on it yesterday with just a couple more hours of work left until it was finished.

I’ve settled into little patterns in my day now and one of them is I work until about ten minutes before the kids are supposed to be home, then I stop what I’m doing and me and the dogs go sit in front of the front door and wait for the kids while we watch the traffic go by in the outside world.

Well on this day I decided that while I’m sitting there, I’ll take this afghan with me and crochet. So I load it all up in my lap with my crochet hook and ball of yarn and head for the front door in my electric wheelchair. Unbeknownst to me, as I’m moving some of the yarn begins trailing behind and suddenly I feel an odd tug at the afghan. I looked down and the yard is tangled up wrapped around the wheel of my wheelchair. I tried to unwind it myself but it is far too entangled and needs to be cut. At this point I realized that it had already pulled some of my work out so I look around and of course, there are no scissors or knives anywhere within reach. It is at least five feet of traveling before I can get to either one. I took a deep breath, gripped my afghan, and took off, not daring to watch as half a row of stitches are unraveled while I move.
Rather than get upset or stressed, I couldn’t help but laugh.


The next day, as I was finishing up the afghan, my dog suddenly realized that something in her stomach didn’t agree with her.


As soon as the afghan dries from being washed, I’ll get back to work on it 🙂

If you don’t get a good laugh out of your life on a regular basis, you’re missing all the fun!


August 23

Today I did something fun that I decided I was going to do yesterday and looked forward to all night.

I dressed up.

I’m not going anywhere, but for a month now I’ve been wearing men’s basketball type shorts and t shirts and no shoes.

Well now, the swelling is gone down enough that yesterday, I was able to put shoes on BOTH FEET for the first time since the accident! And today I am wearing a skirt and a pretty blouse and even a scarf. I don’t have earrings or a necklace on yet but when my husband comes home for lunch I’m going to have him get those out for me 🙂

oh and shoes. I’m even wearing shoes!

It’s a beautiful day.

Because I decided it was going to be!



Thank you so much for your prayers. I feel them!!

My next doctor’s appointment is September 4th and I’ll have new xrays done then to see how my bones are mending. I’m excited to see my progress and so grateful for all of the grace and love God has poured out on me these past weeks!

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  1. prayers for one leg healed and the other on the mend. you are so beautiful in your photo, you are probably pretty without your face drawn on! had to LOL about your yarn wrapping around your wheel. your adventure is incredible. this has “Hallmark Movie” written all over it….get your publisher on it!!!! <3 ya

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