Chicken Noodle Casserole

Warning: this is ridiculously delicious. A family favorite, this quick and easy chicken noodle casserole recipe has no right to be this simple and taste this good.

Chicken Noodle Casserole

This easy chicken noodle casserole recipe is a kid favorite wherever it’s served, and your partner will probably get just as excited! The ingredients are simple so it’s a great last-minute supper for busy evenings. What are the simple ingredients I hear you ask? Well, it’s not chicken noodles without egg noodles and cooked chicken. Then you need milk, cream of chicken soup, and butter and crackers for a delectable topping

Simple ingredients and a simple set of steps too! All you have to do is mix the ingredients together, pop them in a casserole dish, add the cracker topping, and bake. That’s it! Your chicken noodle casserole will be ready to enjoy in no time. It’s a hearty and filling main dish. 

I love that it’s reminiscent of our favorite comfort food, chicken noodle soup, but it’s been transformed into a creamy casserole. It’s also a great meal for serving a crowd, as you can easily get six filling portions from one casserole. With so many things to love about this chicken noodle casserole, I think it’s time we get cooking!

Chicken Noodle Casserole ingredients.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Egg noodles
  • Cooked chicken
  • Milk
  • Cream of chicken soup
  • Optional topping: round crackers and butter

How to Make Chicken Noodle Casserole

Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir well.

Cook egg noodles until just done, being careful not to overcook. Drain well.

Place soup, chopped or shredded chicken, milk, and cooked pasta in a large bowl.

Stir that all up really good. 

Pour ingredients into a casserole dish.

Spoon into a 9×13 casserole dish that has been sprayed with a little cooking spray.

Mix together crushed crackers and melted butter to make topping.

If you want to add a little topping to make it prettier, stir together 1/2 a sleeve of crushed crackers and 1/2 a stick (1/4 cup) of melted butter.

Sprinkle casserole with topping and bake.

Sprinkle this over the top. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Chicken Noodle Casserole

Serve warm and enjoy this quick and easy chicken noodle casserole.

Chicken Noodle Casserole

I like to serve my chicken casserole with a low-carb veggie such as roasted asparagus or fresh green beans.


  • Store leftover casserole in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Simply reheat in the microwave.
  • You can also freeze leftovers for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge before reheating in the microwave.

Recipe Notes

  • You can use fat-free, regular, or even homemade cream of chicken soup
  • Use any type of cooked chicken you like. I sometimes pick up a rotisserie chicken for a quick lunch and save the rest of it for this creamy chicken noodle casserole. You can also just use a large can of cooked white meat chicken in water, drained.
  • If you want to sneak some veggies into this chicken casserole, add two cups of thawed frozen vegetables, like frozen peas and carrots or corn and broccoli. Alternatively, add a cup of finely chopped fresh bell pepper.
  • For added flavor, add 1/2 teaspoon each of onion powder and garlic powder and add 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley.
  • Instead of the crackers, sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese on top of the casserole. You can also substitute the crackers for panko bread crumbs or crushed potato chips. Alternatively, combine the crackers, shredded cheese, and butter for a delicious topping!

Recipe FAQs

Can I make this chicken noodle casserole ahead of time?

Yes, you can store the baked casserole in the fridge for up to 3 days. Another option is to store the unbaked casserole in the fridge for up to 4 hours before baking in the oven. If you choose this method, add about 15 minutes to the cooking time.

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Chicken Noodle Casserole

A family favorite, this quick and easy chicken noodle casserole recipe has no right to be this simple and taste this good.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: casserole, chicken, noodles
Servings: 6
Calories: 745kcal


  • 1 package egg noodles
  • 2 cans cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2 cup milk fresh or canned
  • 2 cups cooked chicken (or a large can of chicken)


  • 1/2 sleeve Ritz crackers, crushed
  • 1/4 cup melted butter


  • Cook egg noodles according to package directions until just done, careful not to overcook (I like to undercook them by a minute or two). Drain.
    1 package egg noodles
  • In a large bowl place the hot egg noodles, cream soup, milk, and chicken. Stir until combined. Pour into a greased 9x13 casserole dish.
    1 package egg noodles, 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 1/2 cup milk, 2 cups cooked chicken (or a large can of chicken)
  • Optional topping: crush 1/2 sleeve of Ritz crackers and stir these crumbs together with 1/4 cup of melted butter. Sprinkle over the top of the casserole in the baking dish. 
    1/4 cup melted butter, 1/2 sleeve Ritz crackers, crushed
  • Bake, uncovered, for 20 minutes at 350. Serve hot. 


To make this a shelf stable meal: 
Place 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, a 12.5 ounce can of chicken, a 4 ounce can of evaporated milk, and a package of egg noodles into a large zipper seal bag along with a printed copy of this recipe. Click here to read about my Bags To Dishes meals.


Calories: 745kcal
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chicken noodle casserole pinterest image.

Bloom where you’re planted, even if you don’t get to pick the field. 

~Shared with me by my friend, Karen Terry.

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  1. I makethis adding a little sour cream . Sometimes I cut the soup down and use a jar of Alfredo and mix parm cheese in the cracker mix on top . It’s all good . For color you can add a can of drained green peas !!!!

  2. I loved vegetable up until I was 3 (or so my parents told me) when my little brother was introduced to “people food” and he didn’t like them. So I stopped liking them. My mother would always put a spoonful of vegetables on our dinner plates and I would treat them like pills, swallowing them down with milk, unchewed (even green beans). My husband has taught me to like some vegetables – always fresh (no more cans) and cooked way differently from the way my mom cooked them. My oldest granddaughter only liked chicken when she was beginning to eat “people food”, so every meat was called chicken no matter what it really was. She outgrew that and now will eat almost everything. Thank you for another winning recipe!!

    1. I am trying not to giggle at the thought of a child swallowing veggies whole like medicine! That was innovative! lol I LOVE that you called all meat chicken, sounds like something I would do! Susan, I just appreciate the mess out of you! Thank you for being here and always bringing joy!

  3. You were very kind in how you pointed this out and I appreciate it! Often, as I’m typing at the speed of light I overlook little typing errors and this sounded like it could be one of those. However, in this instance I meant to use the word “stable” as in enduring, not expiring, prone to spoilage, or deteriorating over time. I can easily see how you would think I meant staple as in something one always has on hand.
    Thank you for being here and I appreciate you taking the time to read so carefully! Have a great week!

  4. Do you think this would freeze well? I would wait to put the ritz cracker topping on it until after it has thawed or cooked (from frozen) for a while but I wonder if the noodles would be okay if frozen.

  5. I make a chicken noodle casserole also but I like to add broccoli and lots of cheese! I also do a mix of cream of chicken and broccoli cheddar soup to give it a little more flavor

  6. This is pretty much how I make Tuna Casserole, use mushroom soup, velvetta cheese and potato chips on top.

      1. Christy, my husband didn’t like tuna either, so I made that exact casserole with canned chicken. We all loved it!

  7. I make this often and add a packet of Ranch dressing mix for extra flavor. So tasty! And sometimes instead of a cracker crumb topping I will use fried onions instead :).

    As for picky eater stories, the first one that comes to mind was my aunt who insisted that she did NOT like chicken. At all. No way. Well, she was at a bridal shower for another family member and kept going on and on about how delicious the tuna salad sandwiches were. No one had TOLD her it was tuna salad, she just assumed it was. She ate a couple of them and then someone told her it was actually chicken salad, not tuna, and she refused to eat another bite! LOL!

    1. Ugh… Picky eater at my house! She is a teenager and so what she eats is really mood controlled. Foods she used to love become “nasty” in the blink of an eye. So I’ve learned to cook for me and her momma and keep on hand plenty of little stuff for her. She loves Pepperoni applesauce saltines so those are always on hand.

    2. GREAT story about your Aunt. We all have an “Aunt” in our family like that.
      I bet she goes home and makes it herself and eats it while no one is watching. LOL

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