Give Your Family a Sweet Surprise This Summer!

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sweet surprise

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go out for ice cream as a little surprise for the kids at the end of a long summer week. This ritual of ours can certainly get expensive though!

So today, I decided to throw a surprise Ice Cream Sundae party for my kids. 🙂 Not only did they love it, but the ingredients to make a whole slew of sundaes cost half as much as just one trip to the ice cream parlor with my family. Of course, the joy on their faces when I surprised them with sundaes was worth far more!

Son: “Hey Ma, what did you put in this? This is DELICIOUS! Next time my friends come over you have GOT to make this for them!”

Daughter: “This is SO MUCH better than the ice cream shop ones!”

Isn’t it time you gave your loved ones a sweet surprise? These are the days they’ll remember!

For these deliciously different recipes using Nestle toppings and Edy’s premium ice creams, please click here.

pics of ice cream


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions contained are my own 🙂

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  1. Well, darlin’ – bless your heart. If’n Walmart is happy to support Southern Plate so I don’t have to pay 20 bucks year for great recipes I say go for it. After all, there isn’t a single ingredient I can’t buy elsewhere if I so choose. (Now, I must say, that might just be because my Sailor is still active and I can shop in the commissary, thank goodness!)

    Truly though – you show us all so many ways to fix wonderful meals and desserts for our families at low cost that I appreciate EVERYTHING you post – even if the link takes me to Walmart, LOL.

    As for the farm in the middle of nowhere – have you checked out Central Kentucky?? Low taxes, great farmland and plenty of sweet tea. 🙂

  2. I so agree with not being a fan of WalMart. Here in Texas I prefer to shop at the HEB Plus stores as they help build homes for the Wounded Warriors coming home from war disabled. They build the soldiers a home that fits their disability allowing them to be independent and mortgage free. HEB not only donates in this way but they also have a kitchen on wheels that they send to disaster areas to feed anyone that needs or wants a hot meal and they also supply all the food that their employees volunteer to cook. This is not all they do but they do so much more for schools and communities. And no I do not work there just shop there. So if you live in Texas HEB is a great place to shop.

  3. Oh my goodness wouldn’t that be wonderful..If you ever become very wealthy i know you will fill up tons of lil bellys…

  4. I absolutely agree with helping others all over the world! I have followed your blog for a couple years now. I am not a fan of walmart and clicking on the link that directed me to Walmart ya Christy. Oh heck open up a Southern plate super center and I will be the first person in line.

  5. If you truely want to end childhood hunger here in the “USA” then please do not support Walmart! The majority of Walmart employees are living in poverty. Walmart employees can’t even afford healthcare insurance.

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