Grilled Bananas – Best Kept Secret

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Grilled Bananas Recipe


My first thoughts when getting ready to write this post on grilled bananas were “They’re gonna think I am weird”.

But honestly, if you are just now figuring that out about me, we got us one Jim Dandy of a learning curve here.  Just about all Southerners are weird (the good ones at least).  Where else do folks call every carbonated beverage a “coke” or “co-cola” despite flavor, brand, or location? 

Now outside of the south, folks might call our weird behavior “eccentric” but everybody knows eccentric is just weirdness puttin’ on airs and Southerners don’t put on no airs.

 Now you know I’m not going to bring you something unless I absolutely love it. This grilled bananas recipe wins bonus points with me also because it uses up food that might otherwise have gone bad or wasted and that’s another tender spot of mine.  

People that come from my kind of people don’t like to waste food.


This is a great last minute dessert to have while you’re grilling out or cooking in.

Just put them on when you put your hamburgers on and wait til they turn good and black.

Don’t you just love it when you make food that is SUPPOSED to turn black? Me too.

Ingredients for Grilled Bananas

  • You’re gonna need:
  • Bananas
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar Use light or dark brown sugar, whatever you have on hand is fine.
  • Cinnamon We also found that a little cinnamon is DIVINE mixed in as well.


Smoosh up your margarine and brown sugar really good.


You will have a nice pasty mixture like this.

If you don’t get you a pinch of that I’m going to be very disappointed in you.

Anytime you are making something with brown sugar, it’s very bad luck not to taste it 😉


Lay your banana on its side and cut a slit in it but don’t go through the bottom of the peel.


Stuff it with your brown sugar mixture.


Set it on the grill or in a pan. It doesn’t have to be any special temperature, just whatever you have it set on for what you are cooking is fine.


Watch it ….

Your banana is cooking to ooey gooey goodness.


Almost done but not quite. Lets let it get nice and black.


NOW we’re talkin’!


This is delicious served alongside ice cream. You can eat it out of the peel or…

Take it out and chop it up a bit to use as a topping for your ice cream.


If you’re not using your smile, you’re like someone with a million dollars in the bank and no check book.

~Les Giblin  

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  1. Ok, after reading this I know I am Southern, my grand parents were from Missouri, my mother from southern Alberta Canada, but I live in NorthEast BC, Canada, but I have had most of these weird and wonderful sandwiches and other food items, the mayo is not in my life, never had any until I was cooking in a restaurant as a teen ager, and learned to make egg salad sandwiches with it. We were poor, so anything like mayo was a luxury, we didn’t even have miracle whip, salad dressings were usually oil and vinegar with some herbs and garlic or if mom felt rich lemon juice. The other one was a can of evaporated milk with vinegar and salt and pepper poured over coleslaw, or potato salad, which usually got made with Hot boiled dressing.
    One of my favourite sandwiches for school was boiled lima beans cold with chopped onion and salt and pepper, yum, ate a lot of fried bologna, sometimes spam when that rich feeling was there, but also ate tiny green horseradish leaves early in the spring, between thin slices of butter bread, peppery and delicious. and French Breakfast radish sandwiches when the garden started producing.
    We ate our fish dipped in cornmeal and fried in bacon grease, ate breakfast dinner and supper, and lots of fried potatoes, although we ate them with sage shook over and onions chopped up to fry with them. Ate scrapple which mom made everytime we had a ham and she had left over ham bone, also French Canadian pea soup made with the ham bone and bits of dried ham, and dried green peas, or dried yellow if they didn’t have green in the store. We ate a lot of beans, cooked from dried, (didn’t have a lot of canned goods, mostly it was the case of canned milk a month) after mom got a freezer when I was 8 we had frozen veggies, and mostly moose meat. But we had cornbread, biscuits, gravy and lots of bacon and coffee, no tea, mom was allergic to it, and of course mom saved bacon grease and used it in everything, pie crusts, biscuits and anyplace you’d use shortening or lard! one other thing we ate was oatmeal mush or cornmeal mush, and if it was left over and cold, it got sliced and fried crispy in the bacon grease for breakfast or supper. Yum. I still save bacon grease, and use it in my biscuits in place of lard or butter.

  2. OK…I am from NW Mo and when I lived in San Diego,Calif, people teased me about my “southern accent”….then hubby was transferred to Jax., Florida I got called a Yankee!
    I am a born & bred farm girl….I say Pahkon, I eat fried bologna, salt my watermelon and pepper my cantaloupe, shelled peas,broke green beans and stemmed strawberries on the front porch Sun.afternoon and had scrambled rggs and fried potatoes (with ketchup on both) for Sunday supper….Oh and we put peas on mashed potaotes and called them “hen`s nests”
    Mama ate cornbread &milk or saltines & milk. We bought a gunny sack of potatoes every month….well there was 5of us kids. We had fried chicken, mashed potaoes & gravy,green beans/corn/peas, jello (of some kind) and pie/cake evry Sunday dinner and it was usually at Grandmas. Grandma and granddad lived about 45 min. from us, we went directly after church and changed our clothes in the car on the drive….mom & dad kept their Sunday clothes on 🙂

    Now for the grilled bananas…..not too sure about this, bit I won`t knock it til I try it.

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