Microwave Brownie in a Mug Recipe

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This microwave brownie in a mug recipe is the quickest and easiest brownie recipe you’ll ever meet. In just 5 minutes you can be enjoying a rich, moist, and fudgy chocolate brownie.

Spoonful of microwave brownie.

If you’re looking for an easy chocolate brownie made in a mug, then you’re going to love this recipe. It’s the perfect dessert for one or when you feel like a treat but you don’t want to make an entire big batch of brownies

Here are just some of the things I love about this microwave brownie in a mug recipe:

  • It’s so quick and easy, folks. This dessert is ready in only 5 minutes! It takes about 3 minutes to prep and less than 2 minutes to cook. How good is that?
  • This brownie is made with ingredients I bet you already have at home, like flour, sugar, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate chips. That’s why it’s the perfect spontaneous dessert!
  • Who knew a microwave brownie could taste so finger-lickin’ good? But somehow, it only takes 2 minutes for these ingredients to magically work together and create a brownie with a moist, cake-like texture that also has that indulgently rich chocolate fudge flavor.

While you can enjoy your microwave mug brownie as is, I highly recommend pairing it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or a dollop of whipped cream) and some chocolate syrup for the ultimate decadent dessert. My mouth is watering right now, so let’s hop to it! I hope you enjoy this delicious brownie as much as me.

Ingredients for microwave brownie in a mug recipe.

Recipe Ingredients 

  • All-purpose flour
  • Granulated sugar (can use Swerve)
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Unsalted butter, melted (or coconut oil)
  • Water (or milk)
  • Pure vanilla extract
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup for garnish

How to Make a Brownie in a Mug

Add flour to mug.

First, you need to grab a microwave-safe mug. Then we’re gonna chuck the dry ingredients in there, including the flour…

Add sugar to mug.


Add cocoa powder to mug.

Cocoa powder…

Add salt to mug.

And salt.

Whisk together dry ingredients in mug.

Mix those dry ingredients together with a fork or whisk.

Add melted butter to mug.

Now it’s time for the wet ingredients. Add the melted butter…

Add water to mug.

Water or milk…

Add vanilla to mug.

And the vanilla extract.

Stir ingredients together until smooth.

Stir the brownie mix together until smooth. This will only take about 10 to 15 seconds, so make sure you don’t over mix.

Fold chocolate chips into brownie in a mug mix.

Finally, fold in the chocolate chips.

Brownie in a mug ready for the microwave.

Microwave mug for 60 to 90 seconds, full power. Microwaves vary so start with 60 seconds.

Cooked brownie in a mug.

Brownie is done when the top is completely cooked, like this.  You can use a toothpick to poke in the center and see if it comes out clean.

Microwave brownie in a mug with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Allow your brownie in a mug to cool for 5 minutes then serve it with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup if desired (you know you want to).

Recipe Notes

  • This is a large serving. You can easily split this dessert into two servings if you want to share. But I won’t tell if you enjoy every last bite yourself!
  • To make a vegan mug brownie, use vegan chocolate chips, coconut oil, and water.
  • For a gluten-free brownie in a mug, a gluten-free flour alternative like oat flour or almond flour will work.
  • Instead of water or milk, another option is to add coffee for additional flavor.
  • Love cinnamon? Go ahead and add a pinch in there.
  • Here are some other serving suggestions:
    • Use whipped cream or heavy cream rather than ice cream.
    • Dust with powdered sugar and serve with berries.
    • Drizzle caramel sauce on top rather than chocolate syrup.
  • Instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips, you might like to add caramel bits, dark chocolate chips, M&Ms, or peanut butter chips.
  • Speaking of peanut butter, swirl a spoonful of nut butter through your mug brownie batter before microwaving. You can do the same with Nutella or your favorite jam. 
  • If you like a chocolate nut brownie, go ahead and fold in a tablespoon of chopped walnuts with the chocolate chips.
  • You can totally use brown sugar instead of granulated sugar if you prefer.
  • Any microwave-safe (think ceramic) coffee mug will work, as long as it holds at least 12 ounces.

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    Microwave brownie in a mug with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

    Microwave Brownie in a Mug Recipe

    This quick and easy microwave brownie in a mug recipe for one has a rich and moist chocolate fudge flavor and is ready in just 5 minutes.
    Prep Time: 3 minutes
    Cook Time: 2 minutes
    Total Time: 5 minutes
    Course: Dessert
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: brownies
    Servings: 1 brownie
    Calories: 423kcal


    • 3 tbsp all-purpose flour
    • 3 tbsp granulated sugar can use Swerve
    • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    • salt to taste
    • 2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted (or coconut oil)
    • 3 tbsp water or milk
    • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 2 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips
    • vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup for garnish


    • In a microwave-safe mug, combine together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and salt with a whisk. Add melted butter, water, and vanilla extract. Stir until mixture is smooth (about 10-15 seconds, don’t over mix). Fold in the chocolate chips.
      3 tbsp all-purpose flour, 3 tbsp granulated sugar, 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, salt to taste, 2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted (or coconut oil), 3 tbsp water or milk, 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract, 2 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips
    • Microwave mug for 60 to 90 seconds, full power. Brownie is done when the top is completely cooked.
    • Allow it to cool for 5 minutes then serve with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup if desired.
      vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup for garnish


    • Nutritional information does not include ice cream or chocolate syrup.
    • This is a large serving. You can easily split this dessert into two servings. 


    Calories: 423kcal | Carbohydrates: 75g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 4g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 2mg | Sodium: 6mg | Potassium: 350mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 47g | Vitamin A: 15IU | Calcium: 35mg | Iron: 4mg
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    1. YUM. Just the perfect dsessert for just hubby asnd myself

      I know my brother in Ohio would love this.

      I’m thinking about mixing the dry ingredients up; putting in canning jar or ziplock baggie along with recipe for him to make at his leasure; along with a nice pretty coffee mug to go with.
      What a great gift this would make to put in gift basket and give to family, friends, neighbors, etc.
      Thank U.

    2. 4 stars
      Think it should all be mixed in a bowl first, then poured into the cup. I had unmixed ingredients around the bottom of the cup…probably a user error for not being through enough. The taste is VERY good.

    3. 5 stars
      This looks so good!! I like that it doesn’t have an egg. The only mug cakes I have tried had an egg and all I could taste was egg. Not good at all. This sounds like a winner!!! I need to share this with my father-in-law. He doesn’t cook but always wants my mother-in-law to make something chocolate. He can do this easy-peasy!

      1. Yes, that should be fine. You just don’t have control of the specific amount of salt. It would matter more in something like a bread recipe but this brownie recipe should turn out ok. Let me know how it went.

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