Shoofly Pie Recipe

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Shoofly pie is something I always wanted to make but never did until now.

Gotta be a molasses person to love Shoofly pie

Now, if you’re not a molasses person, this pie won’t be for you. Shoofly Pie or Molasses Cake as some have called it dates back all the way to 1876 in Amish country.

Me, I’m a molasses person. I find that the older I get the more I crave and adore the rich strong flavor of deep, dark molasses. Adding to the fact that I’m a brown sugar lover and those are the two primary ingredients in a Shoofly pie, I can’t imagine not loving it.

Where did Shoofly Pie get it’s name?

Well according to the Chicago Tribune article

the unusual name was penned because ‘the pools of sweet, sticky molasses sometimes formed on the surface of the pie while it was cooling (and) inevitably attracting flies.’  Not so nice, but makes sense! Let’s try not to think of those flies as we move on to 

How To Make A Shoofly Pie Recipe

shoofly pie 004

Ingredients You’ll need are:

  • All Purpose Flour
  • Baking Soda
  • Molasses
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar (I’m using dark)
  • Eggs
  • Hot tap water
  • Two Pie Crusts


shoofly pie 005

Store bought or from scratch pie crusts are fine for this Shoofly Pie recipe

I am using store bought pie crusts because I need the dishes to be disposable. Make your own or buy them, whichever works best for you. We’re making pies and having fun so don’t get hung up on the idea that anything other than made-from-scratch is somehow below standard. Get in there and don’t let anyone rain on your parade!


shoofly pie 008

Lets make us a pie, shall we?

  • Place your brown sugar in a bowl…

shoofly pie 009

  • Add in flour

shoofly pie 011

  • Have happy children stir it up.


shoofly pie 015

  • Crack eggs into mixing bowl.

shoofly pie 016

  • Like so…

shoofly pie 021

  • Use mixer to beat those up a bit.


  • Pour in molasses.

shoofly pie 034

  • Mix that up well.

shoofly pie 042

  • Add baking soda to hot water and stir to dissolve.

shoofly pie 044

  • Add into mixture.

shoofly pie 048

  • Mix that up a bit.

shoofly pie 049

  • Take flour mixture and add in butter.

shoofly pie 052

  • Cut in with fork.

shoofly pie 055

  • Until well mixed up, like so.

shoofly pie 057

  • Take about half of that and add it to the wet mixture.

shoofly pie 060

  • Like so…

shoofly pie 068

  • Let ‘er rip and mix it up really well.

shoofly pie 069

  • Pour (or ladle in my case) mixture into each pie shell .

shoofly pie 071

  • Like this. 🙂

shoofly pie 080

  • Sprinkle remaining dry mixture over tops.

shoofly pie 083

  • There, all ready to bake now! Bake according to recipe at bottom (preheat at 450 then reduce to 350 and cook for 30 mins)
  • Allow to cool.


This was my first taste of Shoofly pie and I have to say I was delighted. I expected it to be a lot stronger flavor and even considered substituting honey for the molasses at one point just in case but it came out much milder  than you’d expect and with a bit of a spongy, cakey texture. Would be DIVINE served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with molasses!




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  1. I need to try this when temperature outside isn’t 104 in KY!! I see why the pie is called Shoo-fly, flies like sugar too!! Maybe I need to sew a Shoo-fly quilt pattern too!

  2. This is the day that I was born September 14, 1989. My mom was telling me when we got on here to look for recipes the other night that she wanted to make this for my birthday this year, just becuase you posted it on my birthday. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes that you have shared. Looking forward to the new 14Sep2010 recipe. THANKS…

    Jessica Black- Arab, AL

  3. Christy,
    Do you want an oatmeal version of Shoefly Pie? It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch version and the name came because they sat pies in the windows to cool and guess which pie the flies loved the most?! Also, do you have a recipe for the sweet potato butter and pumpkin butter or do you want Ruth and I to send you one from our Angel Food files? They are so simple, very little measuring and all in slow cooker. She bakes some absolutely fabulous breads and weighs all the ingredients instead of measuring… interesting!

  4. I had no idea that this pie was so easy to make and that the main ingredients are brown sugar and molasses. For some reason I thought it was full of cloves, which I don’t really like, so I’d never given it a chance to reach my lips! I’ll definitely have to try making this sometime. Thanks!

  5. Christy, they subtitle us too!!! Surely we can’t be that hard to understand? I don’t think I’m hard to understand. lol
    You’ll have to review my accent and make a decision as to whether I am subtitle worthy. 😉

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