The Meals I Crave Most When I’m Away From Home

I have a little bit of travel coming up over the next two weeks for Southern Living. I’ll be doing television appearances in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX. The Atlanta segment will be filmed this week and air this Saturday during the 9:00 AM hour on WXIA and then I’ll be live on Great Day Houston during the 9:00 hour on October 25th. I’m so looking forward both of these and hope you’ll be able to tune in if you’re in the area.

As I get ready for a wee bit of travel (The Atlanta filming will only have me away from home seven hours!) I can’t help but think about last year on my book tour and all of that time away from home. Folks often ask me what my favorite meal is and so today I thought I’d show you the things I crave when I’m away from home. You’ll find I’m really a simple gal 🙂 


#1.Spaghetti. I LOVE Spaghetti and you just can’t get anything like spaghetti at home when you’re on the road. Everyone wants to dress it up or put some odd meat in it. I just want plain old spaghetti with ground beef. This is the meal I make most on those days I’m home in time for supper.

#2.Chicken Planks, Meme’s Mashed Potatoes, and Fried Corn. Okay so when I’m on a book tour, the meal I am thinking about most is the one featured on the bottom right of my book cover, so it only stands to reason that it is the one I am wanting, after spaghetti, of course!

#3.Grandmama’s Fruit Salad – I could eat this every single day for the rest of my life and still not have enough.

So there you have it, my top three things I like to make when I get home from traveling.

I’ve gotten to eat at some pretty nice restaurants over the past few years but I gotta tell ya, I’ve yet to eat a restaurant meal that could hold a candle to anything cooked at home.

Your kitchen beats out any five star restaurant hands down – and the company surely can’t be beat.


For more recipes, hop on over to the index where I’ve got over 500 recipes, with step by step photos, too!

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Talk to you soon! I’ve got a brand new recipe I’ll be posting later in the week!




What is your favorite meal at home?

Tell me in the comments below!

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– Douglas Pagels

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    1. Rachel, I totally agree. I moved from KY to Buffalo two years ago and haven’t had a decent glass of sweet tea outside my own kitchen in this area. My husband thought he had created fire when I taught him how to make Sun Tea in mason jars.
      I will say, my husband and I drive down to Erie, PA every couple months to get away. They have the closest Steak and Shake around with great SWEET TEA! I did the bad thing and drank 4 glasses, *teehee.*

  1. 1. Corned Beef and Cabbage …the way my dad used to make it. Throw out the packet of pickling spices …don’t salt the water. Boil the beef for approx 4 hours, add potatoes and cabbage during last hour …serve with rye bread. That’s it. Nothing else, besides butter for the bread and potatoes. Simple. Delicious. 2. Aunt Margaret’s chicken …baked in the oven, coated with cornflake crumbs. 3. Spaghetti with ground beef, plus a can of mushrooms thrown in. Yum.

  2. Having to move to New Jersey (from North Carolina) approx 17 years ago I taught myself to be able to cook, good ol Lexington Pit Cooked BBQ.
    I missed that Soooooooooo much

  3. I miss my aunt’s banana pudding, sausage gravy, and cornbread patties w/ real butter and Louisiana hot sauce. I also miss going into a restaurant ordering a meal and being asked “ya want cornbread or rolls with that.” LOL

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