The Meals I Crave Most When I’m Away From Home

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I have a little bit of travel coming up over the next two weeks for Southern Living. I’ll be doing television appearances in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX. The Atlanta segment will be filmed this week and air this Saturday during the 9:00 AM hour on WXIA and then I’ll be live on Great Day Houston during the 9:00 hour on October 25th. I’m so looking forward both of these and hope you’ll be able to tune in if you’re in the area.

As I get ready for a wee bit of travel (The Atlanta filming will only have me away from home seven hours!) I can’t help but think about last year on my book tour and all of that time away from home. Folks often ask me what my favorite meal is and so today I thought I’d show you the things I crave when I’m away from home. You’ll find I’m really a simple gal 🙂 


#1.Spaghetti. I LOVE Spaghetti and you just can’t get anything like spaghetti at home when you’re on the road. Everyone wants to dress it up or put some odd meat in it. I just want plain old spaghetti with ground beef. This is the meal I make most on those days I’m home in time for supper.

#2.Chicken Planks, Meme’s Mashed Potatoes, and Fried Corn. Okay so when I’m on a book tour, the meal I am thinking about most is the one featured on the bottom right of my book cover, so it only stands to reason that it is the one I am wanting, after spaghetti, of course!

#3.Grandmama’s Fruit Salad – I could eat this every single day for the rest of my life and still not have enough.

So there you have it, my top three things I like to make when I get home from traveling.

I’ve gotten to eat at some pretty nice restaurants over the past few years but I gotta tell ya, I’ve yet to eat a restaurant meal that could hold a candle to anything cooked at home.

Your kitchen beats out any five star restaurant hands down – and the company surely can’t be beat.


For more recipes, hop on over to the index where I’ve got over 500 recipes, with step by step photos, too!

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Talk to you soon! I’ve got a brand new recipe I’ll be posting later in the week!




What is your favorite meal at home?

Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. I just found this website yesterday, and man oh man do I love it! All of the recipes listed on this site sound so good, I just want to try them all! When I am away from my stove for any length of time I get to craving chicken pot pie….mmmmmmmmmm haha I just had it last night and I could have it for breakfast this morning LOL

  2. Hi Christy, I have been enjoying your recipes for a few months now, and really like most of your recipes, I do wish you had printed the recipe for your Grandma’s Fruit Salad, looks mighty good, so would you please post the recipe? Thanks, and El Fenix is the best in Texas. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I always miss southern BBQ. You know, pulled pork from the BBQ joints. You just can’t anything close to it when you are up north. Yum…

    1. I buy my BBQ sauce from the south, since you cannot GET real southern BBQ sauce up’s all the ketchupy sweet sauce up north. Pulled pork with Foy or Pop’s BBQ from Columbus, GA is the way to go!

  4. I tried putting togeather the picture recipe and lord have mercy were those pictures a mess. So here is the recipe without pictures. LOL!!!

    You need: 3-4 potatoes,1 small can of evaporated milk, 1/2 stick of butter, biscuit mix, regular milk, salt, pepper, 1-2 cans of sweet peas.

    Peel and cut potatoes in a little bigger than bite size pieces, Put them in a pot, add water and let them boil till they are about fork tender. While they are cooking get you a big ole bowl and put some biscuit mix in it. I just add milk until I get a good dough like I was making biscuits. Of course I end up putting too much in and have to add more biscuit mix to get it right. Then I usually take a piece of the dough and roll it out to about 1/8 inch thickness on a floured counter top or cutting board, Your potatoes should be ready. I turn the heat down but you want your water to still be bubbling. Add butter and evaporated milk.Now add your dumplings. I just lay them on top of the bubbly water and take a spoon and push them down. I don’t stir them cause they will fall apart and then they kind of dissolve into the water and you don’t get any dumplings :(. After I add all my dumplings are in I take that flour that is left over from rolling them and throw it in the pot. It will help the broth thicken a little bit. I add some salt and pepper to taste. Now after everything has had a couple minutes to cook (5-10) I turn off the heat and add a can of peas. I usually drain about half the liquid from the can and just pour them in. Then I kind of stir and see if I think that was enough peas. If not, I put in another can. I love this stuff and it is really filling. I usually end up putting half of it in containers and freezing it for quick take to work meals.Hope you enjoy!!

    1. My mother cooked creamed peas and new potatoes from the garden no dumplings unless she was making chicken pot pie. But the peas and baby potatoes cooked together with the cream sauce made from the milk, with trails of melted butter, yum.

  5. Christy I was wondering if you have ever had Peas, Potatoes and Dumplings!! OMG, this was my favorite meal my momma made us when our daddy worked the 3-11 shift. He was a meat kind of guy and thought you had to have meat at every meal. Us kids had our favorites that he just would not eat so momma would wait and cook all our favorites on his 3-11 work week!! LOL!! I just made Peas, Potatoes and Dumplings today and did a recipe/photo shoot if you ever want to try it.

  6. My favorite meal and what I still crave: Pinto beans, mashed potatoes, kraut & weiners, cornbread, green onions and iced tea!! Just typing this makes me remember the smells from my mom’s kitchen. She is gone now but not my memories of her and this meal. I am a Huntsville AL native, have traveled much & enjoyed many fine restaurant meals but this remains the one I crave!!

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