Simple Party Punch (Can be made Sugar Free!)


If you're on Facebook, please click the "Like" button above. Thanks! With New Years Eve upon us, I thought this would be a great time to bring you an old fashioned, super simple punch recipe that is suitable for everyone. If you are hosting a party, having this punch on hand in addition to your other preparations would be a very gracious and welcoming gesture because.... Time to state ... Continue Reading

Happy Day After Christmas – Our Family Video for 2012

christmas dinner

Video features "Happy Day After Christmas" by Matthew West from his Heart Of Christmas album. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends (and some good food, too!). This video contains some photos of my Christmas dinner as well as video and photos of our family throughout the year. The song is so fitting, too. I hope you'll enjoy the message and video as much as we ... Continue Reading

My Christmas Menu 2011 – and A Post For YOUR Christmas Wishes!

christmas card

Please leave your Christmas Wishes for the Southern Plate family in the comments section on this post! Thank you!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and I hope you all have an abundance of Christmas in your heart! I wanted to send you our Christmas card and share with you what I'll be serving on Christmas day when my parents, my in laws, and some dear friends ... Continue Reading

Icebox Fruitcake

I'm doing my last minute running around before both of my kids are out of school and so my friend, Stacey, offered to share one of his recipes with you to give me a little more time to get my Christmas ducks in a row. This is his special Christmas story and I know you'll enjoy it! Be sure and head on over to read My family's Christmas story when you're done, the Seven Cakes of Christmas (I have a ... Continue Reading

3-Cheese Tortellini Party Wreath

Large wreath

Hey Everyone! I'm thrilled to be able to bring you a guest post from one of the head Chefs at my University's Culinary School today. I told Chef Lewis that we were always on the lookout for quick and easy dishes that could impress, especially at Christmastime and he came through with one that is just beautiful. I know you're going to love this idea! Special thanks to the culinary department of the ... Continue Reading

Big Old List Of Christmas Candies & Gift Mixes on Southern Plate


  There are around 500 recipes so far on so it can get a bit overwhelming at times. Today I thought I'd pick out a few of my Christmas Candy and Gift Mix posts to make your holidays a bit easier. Feel free to browse through the entire index of recipes on Southern Plate my clicking here.    Candies and Christmas Snacks  Microwave Chex Mix Holly Jollies - ... Continue Reading

Fruitcake Bar Cookies

final fruitcake

Stay tuned for my Favorite Holiday Gifts Guide and lots of giveaways coming up in a few days!  We've never been fruitcake fans, but we do love our fruitcake cookies! Dried fruit layered with cinnamon, brown sugar, and just enough flour and butter to hold it all together until it reaches your mouth! Mama has made fruitcake cookies each year for as long as I can remember. She goes shopping for ... Continue Reading

Original Mud Hens


Please read the post below to see why I'm calling this "original" mud hens, and then try them soon! Have a GREAT day! Gratefully, Christy I have spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen lately trying to come up with a shortcut recipe for my original Mud Hens recipe from My Cookbook. No matter what I did, I ended up a little disappointed. The "shortcuts" weren't nearly as good as ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Chip Cloud Cookies

cloud cookies

No matter how much I love cooking, there is always a special thrill when I make something that I know has one of my kids or auntlings are going to get excited about. That's why I love these cloud cookies so much :). They got their name from my nephew, Austin, about eight years ago. I've always been a fan of meringue cookies and I whipped up a batch when Austin was over at my house and decided to ... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving In Another House – A Note Before I Unplug


I'm about to unplug for a few days to focus on my family but wanted to leave you with little note before I do.  Dear Southern Plate Family, This time of year we sometimes find ourselves glancing "over the fence" at the family celebrations of our friends and neighbors with a wistful sigh. Its so much easier to look through a window and imagine the Norman Rockwell painting when we don't ... Continue Reading